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Die textile Welt im Blick: von Wüste bis Wolle

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Just an imageIBENA headquarters in Rhede (Germany)

ALtop®Hybrid® for technical fabrics – uncompromising quality makes IBENA textiles a success

Just an image Production at the main plant

The IBENA Textilwerke GmbH was founded in 1826. Since that time it has been in the private ownership of the Beckmann family. Consolidated annual turnover amounts to almost 50 million euros, and today the Group has 285 employees. IBENA is represented in Germany at two locations. The main plant with the head office and warehouses is located in Bocholt. Ten years ago in Rhede, a modern production and development center for technical textiles was built at a countryside location, and today has an integrated equipment and assembly department. Through participations, IBENA has further sales and production sites in Germany, Europe, the US and the Far East.

IBENA is a multi-level textile company. Its production features...

  • an advanced warping plant,
  • a flexible and powerful weaving shop,
  • state-of-the-art dry or wet finishing and
  • automated assembly.

For the development of specific fabrics made from more than 1,000 different fiber yarns, monofilaments and multifilaments, IBENA has its own laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments.

Just an imageIBENA Protect

The IBENA Group – Home textiles and technical applications under one roof

Just an imageIBENA Cartex

Just an imageIBENA Intex

Just an imageIBENA Technodeco

The IBENA Group has two divisions: The Home Textiles division produces blankets, duvets, bed-linen and contract textiles.

The second division, Technical Textiles, offers a broad range of products:


These fabrics for the protection of property are widely used as protective welding curtains, bellows, fire-blockers in the aerospace industry, or in laser channels. For personal protection IBENA manufactures standard-compliant, flame-retardant and visually appealing materials for fire departments, emergency services, the police and the military, as well as for various industrial applications.


This product group produces industrial textiles to the highest technical requirements and quality criteria. These include:

  • Air mesh for air distribution systems
  • Filter fabrics for dry filtration and solid-liquid separation
  • Support fabrics for coating, rubber coating, lamination and needling

Techno Deco

The applications for Techno Deco are extremely diverse. The products are used for trade fair construction, concert halls, and photo and film studios.


Testex is a mark of quality for laundry and cleaning textiles. Applications include:

  • Machine clothing for high performance ironers
  • Garment machines and pressing machines
  • Fabrics for wet wiping systems
  • Laundry transport textiles


With the product group Cartex, IBENA has become a well-known partner for the automotive industry. IBENA is renowned in the industry for its technical competence as well as its high design potential.

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Success through quality – Groz-Beckert products make it possible!

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To meet these high product requirements – which weaving shops have to fulfill up to seven days a week and around the clock – IBENA places high demands on the material used. It thus relies on high-quality products from Groz-Beckert – such as the carbon-fiber-reinforced ALtop®Hybrid® high-performance heald frame.

The term "hybrid" means something that is a cross between different parts or elements. With its high-performance heald frame, Groz-Beckert proves how synergies can be created without any compromise. The ALtop®Hybrid® is based on proven and innovative lightweight aluminum profiles that are additionally reinforced with carbon fiber. This combination of materials gives the ALtop®Hybrid® very high bending strength of the frame staves.

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ALtop® Hybrid® – the material makes the difference

The materials selected for the ALtop®Hybrid® are extremely lightweight, yet rigid and durable - without intermediate supports. This means that the operating time and service life of the heald frames and looms are increased. The low weight of the ALtop®Hybrid® also facilitates handling in daily use.

Lightweight principle – innovative design with aluminum profile and high-performance carbon fibers

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The extremely light frame staves of the ALtop Hybrid® are ideal for the dynamic loading of high-speed weaving machines – a crucial advantage for models with positive controlled heald-frame movements.

Proven corner connection – precision at maximum load

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The corner connection contains no moving parts. This guarantees that it remains firmly screwed, and ensures simple and precise positioning of the side support. This allows it to withstand extremely high loads, but also makes warp preparation easy and safe.


  • Innovative design with two high-performance carbon-fiber profiles in the same frame stave
  • High flexural strength of frame staves
  • Can also be used without intermediate supports for large nominal widths
  • Automatic drawing in on conventional drawing-in machines


  • Increased weft insertion rate
  • Flawless fabric
  • Reduced need for spare parts
  • Long service life and easy handling

To find out more about the IBENA portfolio and the unique features of the company's weaving products, go to

Contact Information:

IBENA Interior Textil GmbH

Industriestraße 7-13

46395 Bocholt



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