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Focus on the textile world: from DIY to road building

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The Heytex Group – Clear benefits thanks to OPTIFIL® healds

International representation

The Heytex Group employs more than 300 people, and manufactures at three locations – its headquarters in Bramsche (Lower Saxony, Germany), Ebersbach Neugersdorf (Saxony, Germany) and Zhangjiagang (People's Republic of China, Jiangsu Province). There are also sales offices in the USA (Atlanta), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and in Hong Kong.

Whether in the signage, outdoor, container, energy, or other sectors, Heytex is shaping the course of technological progress. With new materials and innovative production processes, the range of potential applications continues to grow.

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Coated and refined – from truck tarps to biogas membranes

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HEYTex® quality products are coated with one or more layers of PVC, PUR, TPU, TPE, Alcryn® and many others, and also surface-finished depending on the application. The coated textiles and fabrics are available up to a width of 500 cm. Here, Heytex is renowned worldwide for its excellent quality.

In the large-format digital print sector, Heytex serves the global market with a comprehensive range of products for both indoor and outdoor applications. It also develops, manufactures and markets Heytex technical textiles – for products ranging from truck tarpaulins and large-sized or party tents to technological cutting-edge products such as biogas membranes or stadium roofing.

The potential applications for HEYTex® brand fabrics are infinitely varied. Thanks to experienced and competent technical personnel as well as state-of-the-art production equipment and technologies, exactly the right product can be developed for each customer.

Higher quality and productivity – a clear competitive advantage of OPTIFIL®

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Detailed optimization aimed at increasing competitiveness in this age of globalization is becoming increasingly important, and so are the changing demands of the market. This requires detailed consideration of technical production processes, such as the use of high-quality accessories.

In this regard, the Heytex Group has recognized the advantages of OPTIFIL® healds from Groz-Beckert, and equipped its looms with the optimized thread eye. This change has resulted in numerous benefits including increased row densities, higher weft insertion and also fewer warp breakages.

Less friction, more precision – the special thread eye section of the OPTIFIL® heald

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Where compatibility with the ISO standards is concerned, a heald with an OPTIFIL® thread eye is not all that different from other healds. The difference between OPTIFIL® healds and conventional products, however, lies in the thread eye section. Since the thread eye is parallel to the warp threads, adjacent threads can rest on a surface and are not guided over an edge. The pressure exerted by the adjacent threads on the heald is lower, and there is less likelihood of rotation or jamming of the thread in the thread eye. As a result there is reduced friction on the thread, and healds and reeds stay cleaner. For the same reason, the warp thread cuts into the heald material far less, sharply extending heald service life.

Supple instead of angular – the special heald geometry

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Perhaps the most important thing about the shape of the OPTIFIL® heald is the area above and below the thread eye, which is deliberately designed as a kind of ramp. This means that adjacent threads are guided in a gentle and controlled manner across the broadest section of the heald, onto the thread eye section, and then back again. As a result there are no edges on the route of the warp during shed changes, but constantly smooth transitions. Here, OPTIFIL® stands out against all imitations.

The advantages of using OPTIFIL®:

  • Gentler on the warp thread
  • Less thread tears, abrasion or warp breaks
  • Longer heald service life
  • 30% higher row densities as well as a reduction in the number of heald frames

To find out more about the portfolio of the Heytex Group and the unique characteristics of its weaving products, go to

Contact information:

Heytex Bramsche GmbH

Heywinkelstraße 1

49565 Bramsche, Germany


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