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Systematic success – weaving accessories and their interaction

High quality, long operating times – Weaving accessories from Groz-Beckert

Groz-Beckert products always have consistent quality, however high the production quantities. Whether healds, heald frames, warp stop motions, drop wires or products for leno weaving. This enables our customers to gain competitive advantages, manifested in shorter downtimes and correspondingly high fabric quality. As with any application, selection of the right accessories and the correct interplay of heald frames and healds, warp stop motions and drop wires are all decisive.

Just an imageALtop Hybrid

Heald frames

Just an imageALtop 140

Just an imageALtop 155

Just an imageALrefix-U

From projectile heald frames to high-performance heald frames with carbon fiber reinforcement, Groz-Beckert has the perfect heald frame for each application.

Lightweight metal heald frames

The ALtop Hybrid is a high-performance heald frame with an innovative arrangement of carbon fiber profiles that gives weavers the competitive edge. The ALtop 140, a high-performance heald frame with a lightweight metal profile of 140/9 mm, has powerful intermediate supports and robust corner connections for longer service life. The ALtop 155 was developed as a powerful alternative to carbon-fiber-reinforced hybrid heald frames. A lightweight metal profile 155/9 mm gives the high-performance heald frame high bend resistance.

The ALfix-U is the universal heald frame – with an optimized lightweight metal profile of 120/9 mm – for low and medium power requirements. Thanks to its high economic efficiency and ease of use, it has proved flexible and efficient.

Just an imageProjectile heald frames

Projectile heald frames

Riderless heald frames are highly efficient, universal, with a longer-than-average service life. In addition to the standard heald frames ALrefix-P and ALrefix FERvari, Groz-Beckert also offers heald frames that have been specially adapted for special applications in the field of technical textiles.

Leno systems

Leno weaving is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the halfcross leno effect, leno weaving has impressive sliding properties. Designs and material combinations with the tightest of production tolerances enable weaving performance to be significantly improved in relation to other weaving methods. Anyone who wants to fully tap the new potential here relies on Groz-Beckert as a specialist and a partner.

Just an imageConventional leno system

Conventional leno systems

Conventional leno weaving harnesses from Groz-Beckert offer unrivaled high flexibility with regard to their variety of bindings, patternings and selection of the most varied warp yarns. There are virtually no limits placed on creativity in leno production. Short setup times on existing weaving machines at relatively low and calculable costs guarantee a fast return on investment.

The benefits:

  • Unlimited patterning options
  • High flexibility – article change and production of standard frame fabrics on the same weaving machine


PosiLeno is the innovative, flexible and heald-based leno system. Optimized shed formation movements for doup frame, heald and warp yarn have successfully doubled output in relation to conventional leno systems.

The benefits:

  • 100% higher fabric production in relation to conventional leno systems
  • High flexibility – article change and production of standard frame fabrics on the same weaving machine
  • Easy entry into leno weaving
  • Can be used on modern weaving machines (air, looper and projectile)
  • Numerous patterning options
  • Reduced wear on healds and doup frame, despite higher speeds – thanks to gentle movement sequences

Just an imageUpper shed leno heald frame

Just an imageLower shed leno heald frame


Fully functional healds are the small but crucial detail for more efficiency and productivity. Rapid warp preparation, high picks per minute performance, less downtime, and flawless fabric quality: With Groz-Beckert healds, all these benefits are combined in daily weaving. Healds from Groz-Beckert are known for the highest quality, innovative details and long operating times. Depending on the respective application, an extensive range of healds with different materials and end-loop shapes is available.

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Flat-steel healds

Flat-steel healds with J, C and O-shaped end loops are matched to the relevant yarn – and suitable for all common types of weaving machine.

With the OPTIFIL thread eye, Groz-Beckert delivers pioneering design in the highest production quality.

Just an image1: OPTIFIL thread eye, 2: Standard thread eye

The shape of the OPTIFIL thread eye is particularly effective because it is optimized for both the continuous warp and for neighboring yarns. It leaves much more space for the yarn and enables a 30-percent increase in density compared to the standard thread eye. The warp yarn no longer lies on side edges but on flat surfaces – reducing downward pressure and friction. Depending on the fabric binding, the number of heald frames can be reduced, enabling higher speeds.

GROBmicro PLUS finely-polished healds

GROBmicro PLUS healds have ultra-fine surfaces as required for the weaving of delicate microfiber and ultra-fine filament yarns. These healds are also available with the OPTIFIL thread eye (measuring 5.5 x 1.2 mm).

Just an imageCeramic design for thread-eye widths of about 2-9.5 mm

TWINtec healds

For weaving narrow warp threads made from carbon fiber, Aramid, fiberglass, PP or PVC, Groz-Beckert has designed the twin flat-steel heald TWINtec. It enables the yarn to be woven in a constantly flat, spread-out state, without additional friction.

Just an imageSteel version for thread-eye widths of up to 40 mm

The advantages of TWINtec healds:

  • Steel designs in vicinity of thread eye are gentle on yarn
  • Complete band guidance across the entire width of the heald
  • No yarn jams
  • No folded tapes/bands
  • Low wall thickness
  • High density

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Healds for narrow-fabric looms

Groz-Beckert also produces healds for narrow fabric looms in the most diverse designs and to the highest quality criteria.

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Healds for metal wires and special applications

For the processing of especially sensitive warps, Groz-Beckert has a wide range of suitable flat-steel healds – with thicknesses from 0.06 to 0.50 mm.

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Leno healds

Leno healds are suitable for PES, Aramid, fiberglass, cotton and woolen yarns. Hard or high-twist warp yarns or tapes can thus be processed.

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Plastic healds

Plastic healds with O-shaped end loops are used in water-jet looms and for filament yarns.

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RONDOFIL round-steel healds

For weaving of coarse warp yarns, Groz-Beckert provides a wide range of RONDOFIL round-steel healds. As yarn-guiding elements in terms of their shape and hardness, specially adapted mail eyes made from steel are used.

Mail eyes

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Groz-Beckert develops and manufactures mail eyes in many different shapes and sizes, so that the right solution is available for every requirement.

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Rolled-wire healds

Rolled-wire healds with O-shaped end loops are suitable for shuttle machines and waterjet weaving machines in the low-speed range.

Warp stop motions

Just an imageContact bar dimensions 13 x 3.4 mm

A reliable warp stop motion is a prerequisite for the production of first-class fabric. Groz-Beckert supplies the perfect accessories here. The characteristics of Groz-Beckert warp stop motions include durability, robustness and flexibility.

The benefits:

  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Flexible in use
  • Easy to use
  • Improved fabric quality
  • Time saving in warp breakage repair

The 5800 series

The warp stop motion 5800 is equipped with eight contact bars measuring 16 mm. The stable, low-wear contact bars, measuring 13 mm x 3.4 mm, are available with serrated or unserrated inner bar. The 5800 Series is ideal for the dense filament range.

The 5600 series

The warp stop motion 5600 is equipped with six contact bars measuring 25 mm. The stable, low-wear contact bars, measuring 23 mm x 4 mm are available with serrated or unserrated inner bar. In addition, the 5600 series covers around 80 to 85% of the fabric range.

Just an imageContact bar dimensions 23 x 4 mm

Drop wires

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Drop wires complement warp stop motions in that they gently monitor each individual warp thread. Groz-Beckert provides a broad assortment with high delivery availability. The drop wires are available in stainless steel or abrasion-resistant, galvanized design, with thicknesses of 0.15 to 1.15 mm.

Despite all their diversity, drop wires from Groz-Beckert have important similarities:

  • They enable first-class quality fabric.
  • They have a low failure rate and low manufacturing tolerance.
  • Even with large amounts they ensure consistent quality.
  • Their consistent production quality enables first-class drawing-in.

Would you like to find out more about the product range in the weaving accessories sector? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to advise you!