News October 2015

ITMA 2015, Milan November 12-19

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Groz-Beckert as a systems supplier in the weaving sector ─ the right equipment for every application

The WarpMaster drawing-in machine

The WarpMaster will be exhibited at the trade show – it represents an ideal enhancement in the weaving preparation sector. The WarpMaster is a fully automatic drawing-in machine based on high-performance stepper motors, solenoids, and sensors.

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The drop wire insertion machine PinMaster

The PinMaster is an automatic drop wire insertion machine for the warp yarn on a weaving machine. In addition to the normal widths for cotton, worsted and silk weaving, the PinMaster is also available in widths up to 560 cm for specialist weaving companies. This model enables insertion of up to eight rows and open drop wires of all weight categories. The insertion speed is electronically controlled, and can be infinitely adjusted to yarn type and warp density.

The warp-tying machine KnotMaster

Just an imageKnotMaster

In addition to many other interesting exhibits at the Groz-Beckert booth, the product sector will also be presenting the warp-tying machine KnotMaster. The service and maintenance friendliness of this modular system sets new standards. Despite the many functions – e.g. four warp-tying methods, single and double knots, short knot ends or yarn break detection - handling is really easy due to the modern touchscreen control. Due to its broad range of applications, the standard version AS/3 in particular has established itself as a bestseller. The warp-tying machine is used for a wide range of yarn types, including cotton, wool, synthetic, blended and elastic.

The KnotMaster XS/3Q is perfect for all medium to coarse yarns – especially when multiple yarn thicknesses occur in the same yarn layer. The range extends from cotton and wool to synthetic, blended and elastic yarns. The potential tying area with the KnotMaster XS/3Q is especially spacious. In addition, the warp-tying machine features innovative Quattro technology – for all tying methods in a tying group – as an integral component. Sample applications of the XS/3 run from medium to coarse yarns made from natural and man-made fibers to mono- and multi-filament and effect yarns (such as bouclé, fancy twisted yarn, chenille yarn), and elastic yarns.

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Just an imageFlat-steel heald with OPTIFIL eye

High quality, long service life: Weaving accessories

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At the ITMA 2015 Groz-Beckert will be presenting a broad range of weaving accessories. On an acrylic glass exhibit – a stylized loom – diverse fabrics will be presented ranging from corduroy to jacquard. Carbon-reinforced heald frames with increased and stabilized weft insertion rates will be on display here, enabling production of high-grade fabrics in the highest quality and easy handling. On these high-performance heald frames, the relevant healds – such as the flat-steel healds with C-shaped end loops and the special TWINtec healds – will be presented for technical applications. For high-quality yarn monitoring, Groz-Beckert also provides the appropriate accessories: the warp stop motion 5620, with a single rail display, and the associated drop wires.

Would you like to find out more about the weaving systems from Groz-Beckert? Just visit the Groz-Beckert booth at the ITMA 2015, and talk to the Groz-Beckert experts.