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The textile world at a glance: From a look back at ITMA to Industry 4.0

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The Groz-Beckert jacquard heald

The Groz-Beckert jacquard heald is made of a single wire which delivers a perfect, thread-protecting surface for very fine warp threads. Even at very high density of warp threads, top fabric quality at maximum efficiency is ensured.

The jacquard heald is optimally coordinated with Groz-Beckert's mail eye program. Its innovative thread eye is not tin soldered, but glued. This creates a surface that is particularly gentle on thread, preventing damage to warp yarn due to material fatigue and corrosion.

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The Groz-Beckert jacquard heald is available in two versions: Corrugated and Trapeze. Upon customer request, end loop distance (ED), the position of the thread eye (C), and the mail eye used can be specified. Specially selected materials extend the service life of the jacquard heald and facilitate an extremely smooth surface for better thread sliding.

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Wire diameters for:

  • higher row densities: Ø 0.50mm
  • higher warp tension: Ø 0.65mm

Various mail eye models:

  • SR312 currently available
  • SR518 available in 2017

Customized specifications:

To supplement the standard, we are also happy to indulge your requests for special models.


1. Can glued thread eyes come loose?

Long-term tests give evidence of the opposite. More and more, the former practice of soldering goes towards gluing. Reeds, to name only one example, are glued and no longer soldered. And reeds are subject to much higher forces than jacquard healds. So actually this method has already arrived in the daily routine of weaving mills.

2. What is the difference between mono and twin wire healds?

Mono wire means there is just one single wire specially prepared for the mail eye to be glued-in. Twin wire healds consist of two wires. The wires are fixed with soldering tin. The mail eye is soldered between the two wires.

3. What makes the Groz-Beckert mono wire heald extraordinary?

Our jacquard healds and mail eyes are perfectly tailored to each other. The result is a smooth surface that is very gentle to the yarn and also provides for higher heald densities.

4. Are there differences between the durability of twin and mono wire healds?

Because mono wire healds are a single vertical element rather than two wires joined by soldering, they provide for a longer useful life because there is no potential for wire separation due to solder failure.

5. What about costs?

Groz-Beckert provides a solution which distinguishes us from all the low-cost suppliers. Many of them advertise with a local production and a high quality Groz-Beckert mail eye. But no one really knows if the mail eye is indeed from Groz-Beckert. For this reason a direct comparison is difficult. The fact is that we offer an innovative and unique heald with the well-known Groz-Beckert high quality standards.

6. Who is the heald producer?

The jacquard heald is a 100 % Groz-Beckert product. We produce the mail eye, we produce the wire, we produce the complete heald. Our know-how and experience paired with the full vertical range of manufacture result in best fabric qualities and highest productivity.

7. Are there different mail eye executions?

In addition to the standard jacquard heald types, we can revert to our mail eye range and are also looking forward to receiving your inquiries for special executions.

8. What about the availability of the jacquard heald?

The standard jacquard execution is available from stock, special executions after clarification and confirmation by Groz-Beckert.

9. How does Groz-Beckert ensure the constantly high quality?

Groz-Beckert's longstanding experience in the production of precision tools for all kinds of textile components together with a very well-organized quality assurance program guarantee a consistently high quality of both the material and jacquard heald.

The jacquard heald at a glance:

Product features:

  • Thread-protecting surface
  • No tin-soldering
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Suitable for all types of yarns
  • Highest manufacturing accuracy
  • Durable materials
  • Customized specifications available

With the increased productivity of weaving machines and their long service life, the jacquard heald moreover makes a significant contribution to increasing the economic efficiency of weaving mills. The reduction in weaving errors and in damage to warp threads also ensures top weaving quality.

Find out more about the world of Groz-Beckert directly from our employees or at our website.