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The textile world at a glance: From litespeed® plus to dur

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World of Weaving – textile fabric with countless possible applications

Renowned manufacturers all over the world work yarns into woven fabrics, which a layman can often no longer recognize as woven fabric in the end product. Clothing textiles make up the largest proportion of these woven fabrics. This segment can also be divided into three main groups: Sport and casual wear, formal and business clothing as well as protective and work clothing.

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Sport and casual wear

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Jackets, coats, upper materials for shoes, baseball caps and functional clothing are just some of the end products produced in the sport and casual wear segment. Jeans are probably one of the most well-known clothing textiles. Prominent manufacturers in the jeans market include Candiani Denim in Italy, the Phong Phu Corporation in Vietnam, Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd. in India or the Texhong Textile Group in China. All these manufacturers have one thing in common: They rely on the consistent high quality of Groz-Beckert weaving products.

Just an imageSuit, shirt and tie fabrics

Formal and business clothing

Fine shirt, suit and tie fabrics are the traditional woven fabrics we come across in everyday working life. Also in this field precision tools and weaving preparation machines from Groz-Beckert are used. Manufacturers of suit fabrics such as the Lien Phuong Textile & Garment Corporation in Vietnam and Raymond Ltd. in India, as well as manufacturers of the highest quality shirting fabrics like Tessitura Monti S.p.A. in Italy or Shangdong Luthai Textile & Co. Ltd. in China, one of the biggest shirting fabric manufacturers in the world, all rely on the expertise and extensive experience of Groz-Beckert.

Protective and work clothing

Just an imageFire-proof fabrics

Protective and work clothing

Woven fabric is frequently used for protective and work clothing due to its unique properties. Examples include: Fire and cut protection clothing, stab- and bullet-proof vests and radiation protection clothing. Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG and J. Erhardt & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG are German manufacturers of woven fabrics for protective and work clothing. Here too, Groz-Beckert fulfills the high requirements on woven fabric quality with its product portfolio.

Just an imageOptifil thread eye

Groz-Beckert is a complete system provider for weaving preparation and for weaving accessories. Customers all over the world trust in the high quality standard ─ regardless of the fabric areas and applications. The accessory products in particular have a significant impact on the resulting woven fabric quality. The focus here is on the requirements of the weaving plants: Groz-Beckert offers a heald with Optifil thread eye for manufacturing high-quality shirting fabrics, for example. This enables a processing that is extremely gentle on the thread and guarantees optimal machine efficiency.

Further information on weaving preparation and weaving accessories products is available in the media library on the Groz-Beckert homepage.

  • Did you know this?

    For an application like manufacturing shirting fabric, an average of 700 km of warp thread runs through a Groz-Beckert heald over the service life. Unraveled, this thread would reach around a stadium 1,750 times.