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Just an imageGroz-Beckert drawing-in principle

WarpMasterPlus – The new generation

Drawing-in 4.0 – innovation in weaving preparation

The WarpMasterPlus combines all properties offered by the established WarpMaster concept to date: modular design consisting of needle, reed, healds, drop wires and yarn module, low space requirements for the machine and drawn-in harness, the minimal training requirements for operating and maintenance personnel and the extremely easy operation thanks to sensors and video support. Like the WarpMaster, the WarpMasterPlus offers maximum flexibility with minimal setup requirements and problem-free drawing-in of critical warp yarns, as the drawing-in takes place via a bobbin.

Why the new WarpMasterPlus is the best solution for every weaving mill:

  • Drawing-in during the warp preparation
  • Maximum flexibility for short-term orders, thanks to drawing-in that takes place independently from the warp beam
  • Easy transport and interim storage of drawing-ins without warp beam
  • Optimized space conditions, as the work trolley at the side can be moved away
  • Easy drop wire handing thanks to 8 individual drop wire stores
  • Automatic transport of the healds and drop wires, as well as sorting out of the faulty healds and drop wires
  • Drawing-in of DUOMIX healds without pre-sorting
  • Automatic setting of the heald type (distance and thread eye)
  • Individual machine length with drawing-in widths over 4 meters

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Impressions of the WarpMasterPlus at the ITMA Barcelona

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  • Did you know?

    The new WarpMaster generation can draw in up to 150 threads per minute.