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28 Mar 2014

Groz-Beckert at Texprocess Americas 2014

Albstadt/Atlanta: Texprocess Americas takes place in Atlanta (Georgia, USA) from 13 to 15 May 2014 and runs parallel to Techtextil North America. Texprocess is the largest North American trade show displaying pioneering innovations for the international clothing manufacturing industry and textile processing. About 3,500 attendees are expected to view the newest machines, equipment, processes and services. Groz-Beckert is exhibiting at Texprocess (hall A1-A3) at booth 3107.

The main topic at Texprocess is SEWING5. This term refers to Groz-Beckert's comprehensive service plan by which it assists the sewing industry in mastering the challenges in the market – here not only the outstanding product quality and ever more elaborate designs are requested, but also sustainable productivity and efficiency increases play a significant role. The five S of SEWING5 stand for Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority, and Sustainability.

"Supply" means reliable delivery availability and logistics processes, which ensure delivery of the right quantity of needles at the right time and place. This is made possible thanks to Groz-Beckert's global distribution network and efficient business processes.

Groz-Beckert supports its customers throughout the entire manufacturing process with "Solutions". The aim is to solve or avoid sewing-related technical problems through advice on use as well as innovative products and solutions for every requirement:

• The innovative needle geometry LoopControl® of chain stitch and lockstitch needles helps to form perfect loops. Due to their distinctive roundings LoopControl® needles optimally protect the sewing thread and fabric and reduce the risk of skipped stitches. In addition, the seam appearance is improved.

• Groz-Beckert also holds available needles for fine materials or for material that is extremely difficult to sew. The special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS guarantee higher quality through best possible protection of the sewn material and contribute to the increased productivity.

• The Special Application Needle MR with its special blade and scarf geometry is particularly suitable for automated sewing processes with multidirectional feeding systems. The use of MR (or Multi Range) needles allows high productivity coupled with maximum process reliability. The results are flawless, perfect seams with maximum load-bearing capacity. MR needles are for example often chosen for sewing processes with long arm quilting machines with multidirectional feeding systems. The seams of quilt have to be reliable at the maximum, as they connect all parts holding it together.

• The automotive industry in particular demands ever higher standards as regards the appearance but also the quality of seams. Groz-Beckert has many different needle points available for the targeted seam appearance – continuous innovations and many years of experience in the automotive sector provide the assurance of perfect seam quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

"Service" means integrated support and customer focus. The accompanying services provided by Groz-Beckert bring out the full effects of its product range. One example for this are the technical centers which Groz-Beckert established worldwide. These centers possess comprehensive expertise in every sector of the sewing industry. The specialists here support customers with trainings and workshops as well as competent consulting and solutions for sewing technology problems.

Superiority“, in the view of Groz-Beckert, comprises certified top quality, specialist products, and the application of modern technology. When it comes to quality, even the product packaging can make a real difference. The Groz-Beckert packaging also bears a data matrix code that serves to verify its original product status. The tool needed for this, the newly developed “label scanner”, is available worldwide and free of charge as part of the “myGrozBeckert“ app.

"Sustainability" plays an important role at Groz-Beckert. This is evident both from the safe and environmentally friendly product manufacturing methods and sustainable packaging, as well as the certified quality, environmental and energy management.

In the field of Nonwovens Groz-Beckert presents the new EcoStar needle as the first result of the “Innovations Initiative Nonwovens”. The universal felting needle for almost all requirements is a real highlight: In comparison with standard needles it offers users an improved surface quality of the end product, longer service life combined with reduced energy consumption, and the fiber transport has a lower penetration force, but the same efficiency.

Another topic is the GEBECON® needle, which provides the ideal combination: good surface quality of the end product plus best possible bending resistance properties. Due to its high stability and flexibility the felting needle with patented technology is suited for extreme challenges such as very high production speeds.

The Twisted needle is the latest supplement of the nonwovens product range. The needle with the special needle geometry offers, for example, an even product surface and improved tensile strength of the end product, higher production speed or potential savings of raw material. Tests among others with development partners – manufacturers of automotive textiles and geotextiles – show promising results in terms of textile physical properties.

Furthermore the newly-developed HyTec® D Jet Strip for hydroentangled products is shown. It is adapted for the application in spunlace systems, in terms of both hardness and durability, and provides numerous advantages. Examples are reduced energy consumption and nozzle edges with improved wear resistance. The HyTec® GEBEDUR® Jet Strip signifies the consistent development which exceeds the standard. Due to the GEBEDUR® coating the jet strip has a robust surface in the capillary area. The longer service time resulting from this leads to end products with uniform product characteristics – over a long period of time.

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