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4 Sep 2015

Groz-Beckert at the ITMA 2015 in Milan

Albstadt, Germany / Milan, Italy: The ITMA (international textile machinery exhibition) established in 1951, today is the most important fair for the production, processing and finishing of industrially manufactured textiles in Europe. From 12 to 19 November 2015 some 1,600 companies will represent all areas of the textile production chain at the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition grounds. On a surface of 345,000 square meters more than 100,000 visitors are expected. In hall H7, booth D124 Groz-Beckert will present innovative products and services as well as its new booth concept with machines made of acrylic glass, giving exceptional insights into the textile world. For the first time also Groz-Beckert's new product sector Carding will be represented.

By means of transparent knitting and warp knitting machines, the product sector Knitting will visualize the precision of its products and their perfect interaction in the relevant processes. The individual elements can be removed and eyed in detail. At the exhibition the visitors will experience how this interaction can contribute to an increase in productivity and profitability. In addition, Groz-Beckert will present its expanded warp knitting range. With the new warp knitting parts, also for the warp knitting process, ideally matching tools are offered for the production of flawless fabrics and for highest productivity. The special highlight will be an innovation in terms of knitting needles used in large diameter circular knitting machines.

Cleaning, drawing-in, knotting, weaving: Groz-Beckert offers a comprehensive system for the weaving sector. At the ITMA 2015 in Milan the product sector Weaving will exhibit a wide range of machines for weaving preparation, among others the fully automatic drawing-in concept "WarpMaster" as well as different knotting machines from the KnotMaster series for the most different application areas. The machines will be demonstrated on common tying frames with clamping rod or clamping rail tension system. Weaving accessories will be presented on a transparent model of a weaving machine: Depending on the application, the displayed fabrics vary from tire cord to jacquard fabric, each shown along with the corresponding Groz-Beckert products. The TWINtec weaving heald is available in different ceramic and steel executions, depending on the tape width and application. Moreover, high-performance heald frames, characterized by their high bending strength, will be exhibited.

The product sector Felting will highlight special needle solutions for filtration felts and will also feature a needling machine made of acrylic glass. Thanks to the variety of barb sizes, barb shapes, working part gauges and working part cross sections of the individual needle types from the Groz-Beckert range of products, Groz-Beckert can offer the ideal felting needle for all needled filter media. If a high surface quality is desired, Groz-Beckert recommends a combination of GEBECON® and EcoStar felting needles. The stability of the GEBECON® needle provides a high surface quality in the preneedling process, while in intermediate and finish needling the EcoStar needle gives a high surface quality to the finished product. Where high efficiency is the priority, the Twisted needle with its twisted working part is the right choice.

In a transparent machine model, the product sector Tufting will present the advanced gauge part system, consisting of tufting needle, looper, reed finger and tufting knife. With its range of products Groz-Beckert meets the requirements of carpet producers in terms of functional and reliable tufting tools. For all applications and machine types, from monofilament to soft fiber yarns, from artificial turf to high-class carpet Groz-Beckert offers system solutions to satisfy the high quality expectations of its customers.

For the first time present at the Groz-Beckert booth is its new product sector Carding. The sector will exhibit metallic card clothing characterized by minimizing fiber consumption and, therefore, guaranteeing an economic production of nonwovens. SiroLock® and EvoStep® wire designs for doffer and worker wires are displayed on a nonwovens card made of acrylic glass. SiroLock® and EvoStep® are characterized by a distinctive step under the tip of the tooth front. These geometries allow a better fiber taking and holding, while reducing flying fiber and improving the fiber blending. The combination of these advantages leads of a better web quality and allows to save raw material. In addition to these highlights for the nonwoven segment, also for the spinning segment, on an acrylic cotton card, Carding shows a special doffer wire for the processing of microfibers with a rib of 0.70 mm and 520 PPSI allowing a reduction of yarn imperfections (IPI-values) by up to 30 %.

The product sector Sewing will present its comprehensive service concept since premium sewing machine needles, naturally, come along with an innovative packing system and corresponding services. In addition to that, the exhibition visitors will gain insights into the new Customer Portal Sewing, not only offering a lot of useful online information about sewing, but also featuring the product catalog and exclusive animations of different stitch formation types.

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