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10 Aug 2016

ITMA Asia 2016 – experience textile production with Groz-Beckert

Albstadt/Shanghai: The fifth ITMA Asia will be take place in Shanghai in October and will be held in the newly built National Exhibition and Convention Center for the first time. Groz-Beckert will be joining textile companies from all over the world to present products at the event from 21 - 25 October 2016. The company will be presenting products and solutions across the entire textiles value chain at its booth D29 in hall 4.

The Knitting segment will be presented at ITMA Asia with a focus on productivity and profitability. One particular highlight will be the "transparent" large circular knitting machine, with a gage gradient of E10 to E50. Two other "transparent" machines from the flat knitting and warp knitting fields will round off the product presentation. Each of the three acrylic glass machines has individually removable elements for detailed viewing.

Another highlight in the Knitting segment is the presentation of the litespeed® plus needle – the further development of the litespeed® needle. The innovation impresses with its optimized needle geometry, which increases the service life, reduces oil consumption, reduces the machine temperature and leads to energy savings of up to 20 percent in the knitting process.

Groz-Beckert will be presenting its wide range of products from the Weaving segment at ITMA Asia, ranging from healds, drop wires and heald frames, to machines for weaving preparation. The WarpMaster fully automatic drawing-in machine and various tying machines from the KnotMaster range will be presented at the trade fair stand. In the Weaving segment too, a transparent weaving machine presentation enables the products from the weaving accessories range to be presented in a special way. The jacquard heald, a new addition to the Groz-Beckert product range, will be a special feature at this trade fair exhibit.

The large product portfolio in the Weaving segment is rounded off by an extensive range of services, which sets itself apart with expert knowledge and intensive application advice. Groz-Beckert offers an extensive technical service, thanks to its numerous subsidiaries in all key textile centers and a wide-reaching network of representatives.

Felting requires different needles with specific properties depending on the final application. In addition to special needle solutions for the filter industry, the product area will also be presenting solutions for the geotextiles, filter and paper-machine felts and automotive applications at ITMA Asia. Groz-Beckert will be providing information on the stable GEBECON® needle and the EcoStar® for good surface characteristics and optimal surface quality in the final product. For high tensile strength as required in filters, for example, a needle with a teardrop-shaped working part, like the Teardrop from Groz-Beckert, offers clear advantages. The product samples and removable needle modules of the "transparent" needling machine at the Groz-Beckert trade fair stand will give detailed insights into the needling process in these application areas.

The Tufting product segment will be focusing on the increasing quality requirements and the ever growing cost pressure on carpet manufacturers at ITMA Asia. With its gage part system – consisting of tufting needles, loopers, reed fingers and tufting knives, Groz-Beckert is meeting the demand for perfect interplay of all components within a tufting system. The Loop Control® technology from Groz-Beckert reflects the trend towards tufted carpets with a silky smooth surface. In combination with the cut pile looper, Loop Control® is specifically designed for processing soft fiber yarns with extremely fine single filaments. Groz-Beckert also offers system solutions for all applications and machine types.

The latest addition to the Groz-Beckert product range, the Carding segment, will be showing its broad product portfolio. The focus will be on a synthetic doffer wire for carding fine to extremely fine fibers. It has a high tooth density and a special geometry. Even abrasive materials like matt synthetic fibers can be processed with the synthetic doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF.

Groz-Beckert is offering special products for the Nonwovens carding sector to supplement the extensive product range for the short and long staple spinning industries. With the innovative EvoStep® and SiroLock® metallic card clothing, the company is responding to the ever increasing requirements on the market.

The Sewing segment of Groz-Beckert will be presenting the online customer portal at ITMA Asia. The portal is a knowledge database for sewing technology that expands the service portfolio with all information on the Groz-Beckert sewing products and useful information on sewing and the sewing industry. A further highlight is the newly developed product catalog, which enables a fast and targeted product search. The customer portal also offers new stitch formation animations at my.groz-beckert.com/sewing. These animations show how the interplay between the thread and needle on the sewing machine creates a stitch and a seam from a completely new perspective.

Another new service is the patented INH (Ideal Needle Handling) quality management, which was specially developed by Groz-Beckert to enable a problem-free and time-saving procedure for dealing with broken and damaged sewing machine needles. The INH quality management helps textile manufacturers to meet the different specifications of the brand owners with a standardized approach. To achieve an optimal result, Groz-Beckert works with the customer to develop a suitable process and also provides the necessary tools.

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