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30 Apr 2013

ShanghaiTex 2013 – The highlights from Groz-Beckert

Albstadt/Shanghai: From 10th to 13th of June, 2013, the International Exhibition on Textile Industry ShanghaiTex will take place. More than 1,000 companies of the international textile and clothing industry come together in Shanghai to exchange views about the latest technologies and trends – and of course Groz-Beckert will be there at the trade fair.

Thematic priorities of this year’s ShanghaiTex are among others the increase of productivity and energy saving. In hall W1, booth B20 you can explore on 500m2 how Groz-Beckert contributes to these topics.

In the knitting sector productivity will be central on the Groz-Beckert booth. The customers will be shown saving potentials with their existing machinery. Based on this, the use of innovative Groz-Beckert solutions opens up further chances to increase productivity. The revolutionary high-speed solution ensures that large diameter circular knitting machines can now produce with higher speed in long-term usage. Concretely, the cheek geometry of the needles has been optimized and the latch speed dramatically reduced. This needle modification leads to significantly less needle breakage and wear. Groz-Beckert furthermore presents a new knitting technology with the worldwide finest knitting cylinder gauge und precision parts. With these products ultra-fine knitwewar (E90) can be produced – world record!

In the field of weaving the focus is on weaving preparation machines. Under the brand name KnotMaster, Groz-Beckert offers performance-proven warp-tying machines with impressive technology and simple operation. They are rapid, universally usable and can knot even very fine warps. The fully automatic drawing-in machine WarpMaster allows maximum flexibility but minimal set-up efforts – independently of the warp preparation. For leno weaving the positively controlled leno system PosiLeno® will be exhibited. Compared to conventional systems it makes a 100 percent higher fabric production possible.

For nonwovens manufacturer Groz-Beckert presents the new EcoStar, the universal felting needle for almost all applications. Compared to standard needles it offers an improved surface quality of the end product and longer service life. Other benefits are reduced energy consumption and lower penetration force, but the same effiency. Also on show will be the GEBECON® needle, which provides the ideal combination of good surface quality of the end product plus the best possible bending resistance. The newly-developed HyTec® D Jet Strip for hydroentangled products is adapted for the application in spunlace systems, in terms of both hardness and durability, and provides numerous advantages. Examples are the nozzle edges with improved wear resistance, reduced energy consumption due to optimized nozzle edges and much more. Groz-Beckert strives steadily to improve its tools, with the orientation towards the needs of the customers. One result is the new Twisted felting needle with special needle geometry, which is designed for the use at high tear-out forces. The advantages are among others en even product surface, increased production speed or the potential savings of raw material.

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