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1 Nov 2017

ShanghaiTex 2017 – trade fair highlights from Groz-Beckert

Albstadt, Deutschland/Shanghai, China: From 27 – 30 November 2017, the textile world will be coming together in Shanghai, China, at the International Textile Machinery Exhibition – or ShanghaiTex for short. In the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, exhibitors will be presenting innovations in their sector from around the world. The focus will be on the application fields experiencing the strongest growth and cross-technology solution approaches. Groz-Beckert is represented with product and service highlights from the fields of Knitting, Weaving and Carding (Hall W1, Booth A40).

The Knitting division will be presenting a wide selection of the Groz-Beckert product portfolio across all loop forming technologies at ShanghaiTex 2017. A variety of acrylic exhibits will be presented, which highlight the performance of Groz-Beckert needles and system parts.

The circular knitting exhibits will show the optimized productivity possible thanks to the reduced friction, lower machine temperature and the resulting drop in power consumption when using the litespeed® plus needle. One exhibit will also enable a direct comparison between competitor products, litespeed® and litespeed® plus needles through parallel use.

In the flat knitting segment, the focus will be on the interaction between the individual knitting components and the wide range of uses of Groz-Beckert products, including for processing challenging materials.

For the Industrial Legwear segment, Groz-Beckert will be presenting its own exhibit from acrylic for the first time at ShanghaiTex, which will enable visitors to experience various knitting technologies for legwear.

Groz-Beckert will also be providing information on the current status of the ever expanding product range in the field of system parts and modules for the warp knitting industry.

The Weaving division is presenting its comprehensive product portfolio for weaving preparation and weaving accessories at ShanghaiTex. For automatic warp thread tying, Groz-Beckert will be presenting tying machines based on a modular system under the name KnotMaster. These machines can process a wide range of yarn types, such as cotton, wool, synthetic, mixed and elastic yarns. The standard version AS/3 is suitable for a wide range of application requirements.

There is also an acrylic weaving machine mock-up, the WeavingLoom, which provides insight into the operation of heald frames, healds, warp stop motions and drop wires. The jacquard heald is also demonstrated using the WeavingLoom. Made of a single wire, this product facilitates high warp density and particularly gentle workmanship. In combination with the innovative thread eye, which is glued into the jacquard heald instead of welded, Groz-Beckert provides for uniform fabric quality and high machine efficiency.

The Carding division will be focusing on short staple fibers: For fine to very fine fibers, Groz-Beckert offers the synthetic doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF in its product portfolio. This is characterized by a high tooth density and its special geometry, and is synonymous with high production performance and better yarn quality.

For Nonwovens customers, Groz-Beckert will be presenting the worker and doffer wires SiroLock® and EvoStep® at ShanghaiTex. The card clothing ranges make a significant contribution to reducing raw material costs (EvoStep®) and help to make nonwovens production more economical (SiroLock®).

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