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20 May 2014

The Groz-Beckert highlights at Febratex 2014

Albstadt/Blumenau: Febratex is due to be held in Blumenau (Brazil) from 12 to 15 August 2014. The international fair covering all sectors of the textile industry can already look back at more than 20 editions. On display are the latest machineries, materials and technologies – also Groz-Beckert presents its latest products and services on more than 100 m2 in sector 2, road 9, booth 89-91.

In the field of Knitting the central topic is the improvement of the productivity in the circular knitting process. On-site each exhibition visitor has the chance to have his individual potential in terms of productivity and saving resources calculated. Moreover, the visitor can discover by himself where unused potentials can be found – which can be tapped by the use of precisely fitting high-quality Groz-Beckert products. Groz-Beckert developed a quiz for this purpose, with questions and answers to the production process. It shows examples of how big the positive effects of minimal changes of the five key factors in the knitting process – machine speed, efficiency, needle life time and breakage rate as well as energy consumption – can be.

In the field of Sewing the focus is on SEWING5. This term refers to Groz-Beckert's comprehensive service plan by which it supports the sewing industry in mastering the challenges in the market. The five S of SEWING5 stand for Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority, and Sustainability. In its product portfolio Groz-Beckert continuously works on developing the perfect needle for every requirement. The innovative needle geometry LoopControl® of chain stitch and lockstitch needles helps to form perfect loops. Due to their distinctive roundings LoopControl® needles optimally protect the sewing thread and fabric and reduce the risk of skipped stitches. In addition, the seam appearance is improved. Groz-Beckert also holds available needles for fine materials or for material that is extremely difficult to sew. The special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS guarantee higher quality through best possible protection of the sewn material and contribute to the increased productivity. They guarantee higher quality through best possible protection of the sewn material and contribute to the increased productivity. When it comes to quality, even the product packaging can make a real difference. The Groz-Beckert packaging enables needles to be transported and stored securely. As an additional service for customers the packaging label also bears a data matrix code that serves to verify its original product status. The tool needed for this, the newly developed “label scanner”, is available worldwide and free of charge as part of the “myGrozBeckert“ app.

Cleaning, drawing-in, knotting, weaving: For Weaving, Groz-Beckert is full-range supplier for high quality weaving accessories and machines for weaving preparation. At the exhibition, among other things, Groz-Beckert shows its warp-tying machine KnotMaster. This modular system sets new standards in service and maintenance friendliness. Despite the numerous functions – four tying methods, single and double knots, short knot ends, or the yarn break detector – the handling of the machine is especially simple due to its modern touch-screen control. Thanks to its broad range of application, especially the standard version AS/3 has established itself as a best-seller. It is a warp-tying machine for all fine and medium yarns made from cotton, wool, and synthetic materials as well as for blended and elastic yarns. Furthermore the portfolio of heald frames and healds is partially on view at the booth – from the heald frame for versatile rapier weaving machines to the carbon heald frame for high speeds. The carbon reinforced heald frame ALtop® Hybrid® increases and stabilizes the picks per minute performance, allows the production of high-quality fabric and is easy to use.

In the field of Felting (Nonwovens) Groz-Beckert presents the new EcoStar needle as the first result of the Innovations Initiative Nonwovens. The universal felting needle for almost all requirements is a special highlight: In comparison with standard needles it offers users an improved surface quality of the end product, longer service life combined with reduced energy consumption and lower penetration force, but the same efficiency. Also on show will be the GEBECON® needle, which provides the combination of good surface quality of the end product plus the best possible bending resistance. Due to its high stability and elasticity this felting needle with patented technology is particularly suitable for extreme challenges such as high production speeds. Moreover the newly-developed HyTec® D Jet Strip for hydroentangled products is presented. It is adapted for the application in spunlace systems, in terms of both hardness and durability, and provides numerous advantages. Examples are the nozzle edges with improved wear resistance and reduced energy consumption due to optimized nozzle edges.

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