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7 Feb 2013

The Knit World highlights of Groz-Beckert

Albstadt/Ludhiana: From March 15th to 18th 2013 Groz-Beckert Asia Ltd. will be present at the Knit World in Ludhiana, India. It’s the 19th edition of the international exhibition on knitting garment allied Machines & Accessories. Knit World is widely known for the presentation of the state-of-the-art technology in this field.

Groz-Beckert will exhibit innovative products and solutions at booth A15. The focus will be on the knitting sector and sewing machine needles.


In the knitting sector Groz-Beckert will be focussing on innovations leading to increased productivity. This year one of the trade fair highlights is the High Speed Solution. That means the cheek geometry of the circular knitting needle is optimized and this again enables significantly reduced latch impact speeds. The advantages of the High Speed Solution are less breakage and wear of needles and maximum machine speed, in short: longer service life of needles and increased productivity in the circular knitting process.

Groz-Beckert has also developed the CylinderMaster, an entirely new cylinder removal tool. Cylinder changes on large circular knitting machines are often difficult, work-intensive and time-consuming. The Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster is the answer to this problem: Fast and safe changes and a user-friendly handling. As a consequence handling damage can be avoided.

Sewing machine needles

In the sewing machine needle sector, Groz-Beckert will exhibit the UY 128 GAS needle with LoopControl (LC) geometry – the innovative solution for sewing fine fabrics with chain stitch needles. This needle has a new shank and groove geometry and also an optimized rounding, which makes them gentler on fabric and creates a well-formed loop. Advantages of the LC geometry, to name but a few, are the prevention of skipped stitches and thread breakages, less material damage and needle breakage, higher process stability and improved seam appearance. To sum it up, the sewing process is optimized and it helps to increase efficiency and quality.

To complete the fair trade highlights, the Special Application Needles – SAN® 10 and the SAN® 10 XS for fine and very fine knitted fabrics must be mentioned. There’s a great demand for very fine fabrics with tenuous stitching. Since this material is difficult to sew, special application needles of high quality are needed. Choosing the "right" needle is one of the most important requirements for problem-free processing. Groz-Beckert not only helps to find it, but also provides all the advantages of the SAN® 10 range, which is ideal for high quality with high output. Furthermore Groz-Beckert guarantees to steadily develop innovative needles, with optimized geometry and excellent mechanical properties.

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