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18 Feb 2014

The sewing highlights at Exintex

Albstadt/Puebla: From 11 to 14 March 2014 Exintex takes place for the 19th time in Puebla, Mexico. The exhibition along the entire textile chain is considered the most important event of the textile industry in Mexico. The exhibitors there show a broad spectrum of new products from the textile, apparel and thread industry. As a trading partner of Groz-Beckert Casa Diaz presents selected product and service highlights in the field of sewing at booth 1807.

Today’s dynamic markets demand more than "just" outstanding product quality. One of the central challenges is the globalization of the apparel and shoemaking industry – and with it the increasingly intense competition pressure. This is accompanied by the need for sustainable productivity and efficiency increases as well as the constant desire for newer and ever more elaborate collections and designs. The answer to this is SEWING5, the new service concept. It stands for the five S (Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority and Sustainability), which collectively stand for Groz-Beckert's consistent customer focus and its service expertise:

• Supply: The art of being able to deliver at any time – the world over

• Solutions: Groz-Beckert will find a sound technical solution to even seemingly insurmountable sewing problems

• Service: … means being there before you are needed

• Superiority: Always one step ahead – with outstanding products and stringent quality aspirations

• Sustainability: Sustainability means taking responsibility

In its product portfolio Groz-Beckert continuously works on developing the perfect needle for every requirement. The innovative needle geometry LoopControl® of chain stitch and lockstitch needles helps to form perfect loops. The needles with distinctive roundings are gentle on the material and cause less needle breakage and damage of needle points, in addition, the seam appearance is improved.

Groz-Beckert also holds available needles for fine and finest materials or for material that is extremely difficult to sew. The special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS guarantee higher quality through best possible protection of the sewn material and contribute to the increased productivity.

The automotive industry in particular demands ever higher standards as regards the appearance but also the quality of seams. Groz-Beckert has many different needle points available for the targeted seam appearance – continuous innovations and many years of experience in the automotive sector provide the assurance of perfect seam quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

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