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Good service makes the difference

Services provided by Groz-Beckert for card clothing offers everything from a single source: from application consulting to roller repair, and from dismantling to restarting of the card. Specially trained professionals with state-of-the-art equipment provide expert support at all times.

And of course our card clothing services provide you with the Groz-Beckert quality you have grown to expect – safe, fast, innovative, flexible and reliable!

Not only wires are responsible for good carding performance, service also plays a major role. The distance between rollers must be correctly set and wires precisely mounted to the carding rollers in order to exhaust the full potential of the raw material.

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Consulting from Groz-Beckert encompasses card clothing and processing recommendations, as well as laboratory analysis in all carding segments.

Mobile Service

This service includes dismantling, mounting, assembly and start-up of cards.


All types of card clothing can be assembled in the service workshop.

The Groz-Beckert service program

Mobile card clothing service by specialists

24/7 ─ Groz-Beckert's mounting service is also available for unexpected need.

In addition to professional execution, Groz-Beckert Carding focuses on the following key points in its service program:

  • Joint assembly planning with customers, with focus on process reliability
  • Safety and reproducibility
  • Economic processes

Check and repair of damaged rollers

Damaged rollers are inspected and reconditioned at the service workshop.

Workshop service includes:

  • Concentricity check
  • Balancing
  • Grinding
  • Groove refinishing

Mounting of wires for special applications

Special card clothing can be mounted at both the workshop and on-site at the customer's premises.

The following special clothing can be mounted:

  • With extreme sizes down to 4-rows/inch and up to 10 mm overall height
  • For high-speed rollers
  • For special applications

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