Sewing machine needles for the clothing industry

Seams must hold – especially on clothing. This was true when clothing served only to protect, and is equally true today, when fashion trends and functionality play a much larger role. This poses new challenges for seams. They must not only be up to aesthetic requirements, the ever increasing variety of materials sewn includes very fine and sensitive fabric. 'Wearable technology' is computer technology built in to clothing and accessories and is really just another buzzword for the growing and many-sided demands.

These conditions require many different needles to handle material gently and in accordance with application. Groz-Beckert offers the appropriate sewing-machine needle for every seam. Whether for standard applications or for special requirements, Groz-Beckert's proven quality and innovative solutions will make your item of clothing perfect.


The textile industry has experienced great change over the last decades. Due to rising labor costs in Western countries, much of production has been transferred to other countries.

Pricing pressure

Customers unwilling or unable to spend much money on clothing make up a large part of pricing pressure. Intense competition for production orders from internationally known brands aggravate the situation.

Fashion trends

Fashion trends change constantly and ever more often. The buzzword is Fast Fashion. The anti-cyclical production of clothing reinforces this challenge. Clothing manufacturers must be able to quickly react to new trends,


Clothing is usually manufactured by hired labor. Brand owners and retailers give various specifications to sewing businesses. They range from the highest possible quality to specifying production processes.

Application issues

In addition to the challenges posed by general requirements, the manufacture of clothing can throw up various application issues.

Loop Control®

The innovative needle geometry

A perfectly formed loop is the basis for flawless and high quality seams, which are significantly influenced by the geometry of the sewing-machine needle employed.


The titanium nitride coating

Demanding sewing processes, such as the stitching of hard materials or combinations of materials, often lead to premature wear of sewing-machine needles.

Special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS

Perfection in processing fine knitted and woven fabric

Clothing made of fine and very fine fabrics is currently in fashion. Especially for underwear and sportswear, wear comfort and skin-friendliness are priority, alongside elegance and aesthetics.

Special application needle SAN® 6

For sewing applications in the manufacture of jeanswear

Various problems can crop up in the sewing of denim and other hard materials. In particular, the high penetration force and its associated needle deflection often lead to needle breakage.

The MR needle

For automatic sewing processes with multi-directional function

Automated sewing systems are becoming more popular in the sewing industry. Yet loop formation can often become unstable, especially when changing sewing direction.

Other products

From blindstitch needles to cloth points

Proven Groz-Beckert quality is, of course, not only present in Special application needles. With over 3,000 different product types, there is a needle for every application.

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