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Proven around the world – the drawing-in concept from Groz-Beckert

The efficient Groz-Beckert concept has significantly optimized the drawing-in process. The established WarpMaster and the new WarpMasterPlus – complemented by the corresponding accessories – are efficient alternatives to manual drawing-in.


The latest generation of fully-automatic
drawing-in machines with a modular design


The WarpMasterPlus provides state-of-the art technology to achieve the highest efficiency in the drawing-in process. The machine is characterized by its modular design and simple handling.

The WarpMasterPlus is divided into four individual modules to guarantee not only flexibility but also simple setting and maintenance. Due to its modular design, the WarpMasterPlus is either available without any drop wire module or with up to eight drop wire magazines that can be adjusted individually. For draw-in widths of over four meters, an individual machine width is possible. In addition, the WarpMasterPlus offers an optional transport of healds and drop wires and eliminates defective drop wires.

The WarpMasterPlus is operated using two state-of-the-art touchscreen monitors. All necessary operator interventions are detected by the machine sensors and, if necessary, automatically supported with video sequences and information texts. This simplifies not only the operation but also reduces the training requirement of new employees.

The design of the WorkTruck in combination with the optimized layout of the WarpMasterPlus ensures an economical use of space.


Automatic drawing-in – efficient and user-friendly


The WarpMaster is a microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic drawing-in machine utilizing integrated, powerful step motors, electromagnets, and sensors.

The yarn is supplied from a single bobbin for drawing though drop wire, heald and reed. This effective drawing-in concept does not depend on a warp beam, thus providing high production flexibility.

The WarpMaster is operated with a modern computer with touch screen. The monitor supports operators by using videos to display necessary work steps and facilitate easy and intuitive operation.

The WarpMaster also boasts low space requirements – for both the machine and the weaving harness.

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