Always on the safe side

From regrinding service for tufting loopers and tufting knives – whether single-piece or module – to expert application advice, online catalog, app and training at the Groz-Beckert Academy: Tufting services have a lot to offer.

High process reliability from high sharpness

The regrinding service for tufting loopers and tufting knives for single parts and modules extends the service life of gauge parts and boosts cost-efficiency. Regrinding is done in the usual Groz-Beckert OEM quality so that the products reach maximum tool life to ensure continued premium-quality fabric appearance.

Knives and loopers are examined upon delivery. If there are atypical signs of wear, potentially erroneous machine settings are discussed with the user. Looper and knife in the module can be regrinded in stages, depending on their level of wear, and are color-coded afterward. Similar items with identical color-coding can subsequently serve mixed uses in the machine.

Tufting Technical Center

Groz-Beckert offers a unique performance package in its application advice. With assistance from the Tufting Technical Center, specific solutions can be efficiently developed together with the user.

All-round expertise in all areas of the tufting industry is a given, including in the manufacture of automobile and wall-to-wall carpets, as well as for artificial turf. Experienced experts work out solutions and help define tasks. Support ranges from selection of optimal tufting tools, principle tests, tool development and process optimization to quality assurance that includes material and error analysis.

The entire tufting world – just a few clicks away

With the online Tufting catalog Groz-Beckert delivers an innovative and always up-to-date tool for comfortably searching and precisely identifying Gauge Parts Tufting. After registering, the interactive system can be used free of cost and sets new standards with intelligent and detailed solutions.

Quick and up-to-date product queries, intuitive navigation to the searched product and high response quality, even providing basic knowledge - all this makes interactive support possible.

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