Services – solving problems and making new discoveries

The capability of always being able to apply the right tool and accessories is fundamental in the manufacture of nonwovens.

To contribute to the success of our customers, Groz-Beckert not only provides all necessary products from a single source, but also services which give safety.

Laboratory needling equipment and textile testing

At the Groz-Beckert Center of Excellence Nonwovens there is an all-purpose needling machine available to you for new developments and material testing, as well as various textile testing devices.

The laboratory needling equipment can be used, for instance, for principle tests in the areas of geotextiles, filter media, automobile, synthetic leather, home textiles and clothing for paper machines.

Competent professionals in application engineering work out solutions to problems and support you in developing your products with:

  1. Principle tests

  1. Continuous development of felting needles

  1. Dynamic penetration force measuring

  1. Needle testing

  1. Material analysis

  1. Process optimization

Textile testing and measuring devices also play an important role in the assessment of nonwovens and form the basis for comprehensive service.

Specifically, Groz-Beckert assists you with:

  1. Dynamic penetration-force measuring

  1. Textile analysis (fiber/product)

  1. Needle analysis

  1. Baseline investigations

  1. Product assessments (surface, rigidity, density, ...)

Process-water analysis

The quality of process-water plays an essential role in the manufacture of spunlace products. The characteristics of the water, for example, affect the service life of different machine parts, as well as that of the jet strips.

Furthermore, process water not only greatly influences the quality of the end product in sanitary article production. It must be ensured that the water is hygienic.

As a leading manufacturer of jet strips, Groz-Beckert offers personal consultation in association with process-water analysis in order to create optimum prerequisites for efficient production.

Within a comprehensive laboratory analysis, Groz-Beckert will analyze your process water for important water-chemical parameters.


Impurities in process water leave traces in the nozzles. These are fiber rests, rust, metal particles, calcium deposits and chemicals added to the process water.

The resulting deposits inside the nozzles reduce the diameter and hinder water flow.

Impurities near the nozzle openings have an unfavorable effect on the formation of the water jets and thereby the water curtain. The physical properties of the spunlace products are consequently negatively affected. The jet strips must be professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

Groz-Beckert recommends applying a clearly defined cleaning process.

Practical knowledge applicable at any time

The Groz-Beckert Academy provides you with a comprehensive training program featuring hands-on practice with experienced trainers and the complete spectrum of the Technology and Development Center (TEZ).

In addition to basic, continuing and specialized training with a general focus – as well as for other textile production and joining procedures – one of the training programs specifically addresses the nonwovens industry.

In the course "Mechanical nonwoven fabric bonding" (course no. 130), you will learn the basics of needles and jet strips.