A new class of sandwich composites

Closed cell foams strengthened with a lattice core of fiber reinforced plastic pins offer new opportunities for lightweight designs.

This new class of sandwich composites is able to substitute existing solutions due to its superior performance characteristics and provides new approaches to unresolved technical and economical challenges in lightweight design.

The vast variety of materials and product properties allows us to create the core material you require.

Your benefits

Substantially improved mechanical properties

  1. Much higher shear strength, compressive strength and stiffness
  2. Competitive in comparison to honeycomb cores and balsa wood

Substantially improved mechanical properties

  1. Customizable mix of materials and process parameters such as patterns, angles and pin dimensions
  2. Product properties tailored to your needs

High impact resistance

  1. Reduced risk of sudden component failure due to high residual strength
  2. Significantly reduced area of damage compared to unreinforced sandwich
  3. Excellent resistance against debonding

Good processability and high quality

  1. Simple processing same as with standard foam cores
  2. Formable before infusion if using elastic or thermoformable foams
  3. Very low moisture absorption due to closed cell foam cores
  4. No degradation effects as occur in natural core materials

Your opportunities

Replacement of balsa wood in wind turbine blades

  1. Increased lifetime due to a lower absorption of moisture and therefore no degradation
  2. Lower weight with same performance or higher performance at the same weight
  3. Consistent quality and product properties
  4. Better availability

Replacement of aramid honeycombs in aircraft interiors

  1. Increased lifetime due to better impact resistance
  2. Lower weight at component level
  3. Easier processing, e.g. no potting required

Further applications such as structural parts for all kinds of vehicles, boat hulls, caravan interiors, floorings of trams and trains, and many more …

Our approach

Groz-Beckert will shortly be able to provide a broad range of applications and industries with reinforced foam cores. We offer superior sandwich cores tailored to your individual needs.

At present, Groz-Beckert manufactures several squaremeters a day to provide lead users with material for prototyping and testing. We are currently developing the product and are prepared for large scale production. We are keen to learn about further requirements and evaluate more applications. Therefore, we invite innovators in lightweight design to discuss their individual requirements with us.

Be one step ahead and get in touch with us!