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Fiber theory

This course provides an overview of the variety of fibers – from natural and synthetic fibers, through to the end product as a yarn or plied yarn. The particular focus here is on answering questions such as “What fibers are there?” and “What is the difference between the fiber types and how they are made?”. This course provides an excellent basis for all other training courses at the Groz-Beckert Academy.

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  • You will receive an overview of natural and synthetic fibers.
  • You will learn about the manufacturing processes, further processing and final use of the different fibers.
  • You will find out the characteristics used to assess fibers both s ubjectively and objectively.
  • You will learn the specialized designations, brand names and abbreviations.
  • You will get an insight into the environmentally-relevant aspects of fiber production and processing.

Target Group

Based on our experience, this basics course is suitable for beginners looking to gain an initial knowledge of the textile world or for specialists looking to refresh and expand their knowledge.


No previous knowledge is required for this basics course. We do however, recommend combining it with the “Textile chain” course.


The training consists of an interactive presentation with a wide range of examples from practice to vivid presentations. The presentation is broken up with short quiz elements.

  • Prices and Facts

    1 day (7 hours) (face-to-face course)
    08:00 - 16:00 CET

    2 days (2,5 hours/day) (online course)
    09:30 - 12:00 CET
    on request


    3 to max. 6 persons



    11 Jan 2024 face-to-face course
    12 Mar 2024 face-to-face course
    11 Jun 2024 face-to-face course
    9 Jul 2024 face-to-face course
    10 Sep 2024 face-to-face course
    14 Nov 2024 face-to-face course
    Price per Person

    450 EUR plus VAT (face-to-face course)

    360 EUR plus VAT (online course)