Magazine April 2014

Focus on the textile world: from tradition to productivity

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The first edition of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter 2014 is also the first with a new look: what you can see right now is one of three different forms of this popular medium that will continue to inform you about current issues in the textile world in an even more versatile and focused way. In this issue, the Groz-Beckert Magazine deals with all kinds of different topics: from field trials to productivity increases, and from the development of the nonwovens market to the history of the shoe.

So there are numerous exciting topics in store for you. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

Productivity optimization is worthwhile – New evidence from practice

Just an image In the 3/2013 issue of the Newsletter we presented the "Productivity Benchmark" – the Groz-Beckert efficiency calculator that shows in a playful way how even small changes in individual factors have a big impact on productivity. Now comes the second installment of this success story: Supporting our customers when it comes to increasing productivity in the form of jointly conducted field trials. The results are very impressive!
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Technical textiles from weaving mills

Just an image In technical textiles, accuracy and durability are important aspects of quality. Don & Low Ltd (Forfar, Scotland) has successfully transferred these benefits to the world of technical textiles. The company, which specializes in the processing of synthetic yarns, uses products from Groz-Beckert. These enable the Scottish company to produce fabrics for the most diverse international customers – flexibly and with the highest precision.
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Nonwovens for infrastructure and consumption

Just an image The production of nonwovens in China is growing at a rapid pace, and the rate of increase is enormous. The expansion of infrastructure, especially in western China, and steadily increasing consumption in the Chinese market are ensuring that the amount produced is largely consumed at its place of origin. Here you can read about what factors still suggest that nonwovens locations outside China should continue to be rewarding.
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Economy and efficiency gain high visitor interest

Just an image As the leading international trade fair for the floor covering industry, Domotex in Hanover (Germany) is an event in the trade show calendar that Groz-Beckert cannot afford to miss. This year's event, held from January 11 to 14, was dominated by trends that brightened up the image of tufting products and also focused on production methods designed for even higher efficiency, profitability and sustainability. To meet this challenge, Groz-Beckert, with its tufting gauge part system, was a highly sought-after partner at Domotex 2014.
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Needles and awls for the production of shoes

Just an image Shoes have accompanied us through life for thousands of years. ood wearability, durability and a perfect appearance are the top priorities where footwear is concerned.
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