Magazine April 2014

Focus on the textile world: from tradition to productivity

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The first edition of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter 2014 is also the first with a new look: what you can see right now is one of three different forms of this popular medium that will continue to inform you about current issues in the textile world in an even more versatile and focused way. In this issue, the Groz-Beckert Magazine deals with all kinds of different topics: from field trials to productivity increases, and from the development of the nonwovens market to the history of the shoe.

So there are numerous exciting topics in store for you. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

New Newsletter Designs - three forms, one objective

Looking into the future drives product development at Groz-Beckert. With the Online Newsletter, just as with the development and improvement of its products, a precise awareness of customer needs is crucial for Groz-Beckert.

As a subscriber, you will be receiving even more clearly differentiated and topical news about the textile world and Groz-Beckert. To do this we have refined not only the look but also the structure of our Online Newsletter:

• "Magazine" – reading matter for the industry. This form of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter is published regularly and provides the entire textile sector with information on a wide range of topics and technologies.

• "News" - the extra sheet. This special edition is published at irregular intervals and is always devoted to a specific theme - either with fascinating information about individual textile manufacturing and joining methods, or with many aspects of a specific topic across all segments of the textile industry.

• "Ticker" – the telegram. The shortest of all the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter forms gives you up-to-date information on special events, providing important tips – it's short, precise and fast.

As a subscriber to the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter, therefore, you'll be receiving useful and relevant information for your success in even more detail!

Quality is worthwhile

To meet the high demands of the Groz-Beckert Newsletter where exciting news and useful information from the textile world is concerned, you'll find reports on many different aspects in this first "Magazine" edition. Find out about the latest results from a field trial in Brazil which has resulted in impressive productivity increases in the knitting sector, despite only small use of funds – Groz-Beckert shows how that can be done.

The positioning of the over 200-year-old company Don & Low Ltd. as a modern manufacturer of technical fabrics is a further topic where the successful use of Groz-Beckert products is concerned. A further article spotlights the development of the nonwovens sector in China, describing what makes this sector so special at the moment.

A brief insight into the history of shoe manufacturing, and the opportunities to shine in this particular market by means of Groz-Beckert quality products, provides further exciting reading. A report on the start of the exhibition season at Domotex 2014 in Hanover, Germany, can be found in this edition, as can an overview of all the trade shows this year at which Groz-Beckert will be presenting innovations as well as proven products.