Magazine July 2016

Focus on the textile world: from recycling to networking

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Networked thinking is more efficient thinking – regardless of whether it relates to new technologies, the use of recycled raw materials, or the history of textile classics. Obtaining materials, expertise and technologies from where they already exist and combining them to form something entirely new – that’s what brings success.

In this edition of the Magazine we show the different ways in which networked thinking creates efficiency and success. These range from networking at the scientific level, with projects at the Groz-Beckert TEZ, to a look at the latest developments in the textile stronghold of Bangladesh, and from the services provided by the new Groz-Beckert Technical Center Carding to the use of PET bottles as the basis of new textile fibers – and we also take a look at the history of jeans internationally. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there’s no better time to do so!

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Just an image Hans-Jürgen Haug
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Networking at the Technology and Development Center

Just an image Networking at the Technology and Development Center

The Technology and Development Center (TEZ) is where Groz-Beckert works on the products and applications of tomorrow. A location where innovations are omnipresent naturally has links with universities and institutes. This is why, in addition to partnerships with industry, Groz-Beckert is relying on far-reaching scientific joint ventures, networking, and cooperation. Learn more about the potential the TEZ has to offer!
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Travelling in Bangladesh's textile industry

Just an image Bangladesh has undergone a remarkable development over recent decades. The annual growth rate is approximately 6%. Today, Bangladesh is the world's second-largest exporter of clothing after China. With its textile strongholds around Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh exports goods worth over 25 billion US dollars worldwide each year. Join us on a trip through South Asia and form your own opinion of the objectives, solid progress, and also the current challenges in Bangladesh.
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Systematically successful – the Groz-Beckert service package

Just an image Tying expertise, weaving accessories, cleaning and drawing-in machines – the last editions of the Magazine provided useful information about those key process steps. Find out now how Groz-Beckert provides modern weaving mills with comprehensive support where service is concerned, achieving optimal results in the production process together with the customer.
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Processing recycled fibers

Just an image Today, with the increasing significance of environmental protection and the CO2 balance, sustainability and recycling are becoming steadily more important – not only for individuals but for companies too. In accordance with the useful slogan "reduce, reuse, recycle", it seems logical to take raw materials that have already been recovered and processed and recycle them into products once again. For some time now, this is exactly what has been happening to plastic bottles: once they are turned into fibers, they can be processed into nonwovens.
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On-site training – Groz-Beckert Academy comes to customers worldwide

Just an image It is not always possible or advisable to send production personnel away to training events. Long distances to the relevant location often make further training expensive, and staff absence impacts productivity. This is why the technology area of Tufting has come up with an offer that enables basic know-how from the Groz-Beckert Academy training program to be communicated in courses that can be held on customers’ own premises.
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Opening of Technical Center Carding

Just an image One year ago, Groz-Beckert acquired the carding solutions activities of the Belgian Bekaert Group and thereby founded the young product sector Carding. Since the takeover, numerous innovations have already been implemented in order to achieve the product and service quality that Groz-Beckert is famous for.

For example, as reported in the last Newsletter, a new service workshop has been established in Albstadt for the service business in Germany. This has now been followed by the opening of a Technical Center Carding at Groz-Beckert in Albstadt, the heart of which consists of a nonwoven card for testing metallic wires. Find out more here about the Technical Center Carding and the opportunities that arise for customers and partners of Groz-Beckert.
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Spotlight on Jeans (Part 1)

Just an image Jeans have been with us for over 160 years now. Originally designed as sturdy work wear for gold-miners in the US, they are now one of the most popular garments in the world.
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