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In the first edition of the Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter for 2013 we deal with a topic that is already exciting the textile industry today, and has great potential for the future too: Smart Textiles. But what exactly are Smart Textiles? A general definition is difficult, and you can find out more about the topic in our lead article. Elsewhere in the Newsletter you'll see practice-based examples of Smart Textiles from the individual textile production and joining methods.

With the trade show overview, Groz-Beckert also gives you the latest information on the most important events in 2013. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Eric Schöller
Member of the Executive Board

Innovation, interaction and electronics: What Smart Textiles can do

Just an image Innovation, interaction and electronics:
What Smart Textiles can do

What exactly are Smart Textiles? What makes them different from other textiles? What can be done with them? Find out here all about the futuristic technologies involved – from the definition and the various development stages all the way to sample applications. You'll be amazed at how Smart Textiles are improving everyday life in industry and life in general!
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A cool head and warm feet thanks to Smart Textiles

Just an image Smart Textiles – i.e. intelligent textiles – represent a large number of highly pleasant functions. Some are playful, while others can save lives. Often they can change their properties to suit differing conditions. In the age of the smartphone and Bluetooth, combinations of electronics and textiles are finding their way increasingly into everyday use. In the coldest season of the year, for instance, wouldn't it be nice to have heatable underwear! The company warmX GmbH offers exactly that. We spoke with CEO Gerald Rosner and found out more!
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Customer portrait: Sefar

Just an image Sefar is the world's leading manufacturer of monofilament precision fabrics for customized problem-solving in separating, coating and metering for industrial processes, filter components, silkscreen printing and architecture. Sefar also has a lot to offer in the Smart Fabrics sector too, from fabric electrodes for flexible solar cells to stretch-sensor yarns. Find out more!
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Just an image Smart Nonwovens consist of an intelligent material in combination with a function that has an effect on either the immediate environment or the wearer. That's one of the numerous definitions, anyhow. What are the different types of Smart Nonwoven, what are the possible applications, and how can Groz-Beckert support you in this sector with more than just "isolated solutions"? Find out here – and brace yourself for new horizons!
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TFI develops and produces a textile stone floor

Just an image Are textiles only suitable for apparel? The textile industry has successfully countered received ideas like those over the past years and constantly driven new developments – and now it's time for pathbreaking developments in the tufting sector. Together with Groz-Beckert, the German Floor Coverings Research Institute (TFI) at the RWTH in Aachen has succeeded in manufacturing a textile stone floor via tufting. New future prospects for an entire branch of industry?
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Nature is smart

Just an image The world's leading underwear manufacturers rely on sewing-machine needles from Groz-Beckert. A main reason is that the "smart" needle geometry enables sewing that is especially gentle on material.
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