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Nature is smart

Underwear with natural fabrics and sewing machine needles to suit them

The world's leading underwear manufacturers rely on sewing-machine needles from Groz-Beckert. A main reason is that the "smart" needle geometry enables sewing that is especially gentle on material. Recently however, underwear has been produced using special fabrics that are gentle not only on material but also on the skin of the wearer. What kind of effects does it have?

Mey Bodywear

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The company Mey Bodywear, based in Albstadt, Germany, attaches great importance to fibers that are close to nature. It takes market trends and 'translates' them into underwear – for instance Mey Cream, with genuine milk proteins. Coming close to a skin-friendly pH value is the target here, so as not to irritate the skin. The innovation consists of up to 46 percent milk fibers.

Using natural cow's milk which is, however, unfit for human consumption, the casein is separated in a biotechnical process. Casein is a natural derivative of milk which is also used in cheese-making. In accordance with the production of cellulose fibers, the casein mass is pressed through spinning jets and then spun. Mey Cream is an innovative material combination of milk fibers and MicroModal®. The fibers, made from natural raw materials, enhance each other perfectly – for a wonderfully soft feel on the skin.

Triumph International

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The company Triumph International based in Munich, Germany, will soon be rolling out "smart underwear" as well. In addition to underwear that emits Aloe Vera and figure-hugging slips with a special cooling effect, there are also apparently products that contain special fat-burning caffeine which can be used to combat cellulite. Men may be disappointed to hear that, for the time being, the product lines of both manufacturers are being limited to women's wear.

Smart seams everywhere – with Groz-Beckert

Inspired by the innovative ideas of its longstanding customers like Mey or Triumph, Groz-Beckert is of course just as much on the ball. Several different new developments in the sewing-machine needle sector are aimed at guaranteeing that smart textiles can be sewn as optimally as possible in the future.

Whether it's automobile seats with thermophysiological comfort, protective clothing with sewn-in systems for continuous monitoring of vital functions, or underwear with ever newer properties: as a systems supplier for the entire textile value chain Groz-Beckert provides a "smart" solution for every application.

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