News October 2021

Sewing machine needles with dur coating

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Sewing machine needles have had a chrome coating as standard for decades. This protects the needle from external influences such as corrosion and makes it wear-resistant. It also gives the needle a smooth surface, which protects the material and thread.

Groz-Beckert has now changed the process used to apply this chrome layer to the needles. And the new technology offers several advantages: Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also improves product properties.

In this newsletter issue, we would like to introduce you to the properties of dur needles, give you tips on how to identify Groz-Beckert needles beyond any doubt as well as on how to find and order Groz-Beckert needles with different coatings in our Customer Portal.

Proven needles in a new look

Just an image dur needles differ visually from conventional chrome needles due to new production technology. The new technology also improves product characteristics.
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