Magazine December 2015

Focus on the textile world: from ITMA review to innovation

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High productivity and improved yarn quality

– the synthetic doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF

Synthetic fibers are a growth segment worldwide. Over the past 15 years, production of synthetic chemical fibers has more than doubled, from 28 million to 57 million tons. This has been accompanied by a trend toward ever finer fibers and microfibers. Groz-Beckert has picked up on this development with the high-performance doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF – card wire that meets the specific requirements of synthetic spinning.

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The special features of the card wire

The high tooth density of the doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF with a rib thickness of 0.7 mm and a pitch of 1.77 mm results in significantly better yarn quality where yarn defects are concerned.

Good reasons for using doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF

One prerequisite of carding quality is the fiber transfer from the cylinder to the doffer. Effective fiber transfer alone is not sufficient for maximum output; it also has to be evenly high. This is achieved through the large number of teeth per square inch (PPSI) and the tight geometric tolerances of the card clothing. The number of teeth per square inch is generally adapted to the gauge of the fibers, whereby the finer the fiber, the higher the tooth density. The synthetic doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF, with 520 teeth per square inch, has a comparatively high tooth density. This results in far fewer trailing fiber hooks, which directly affects yarn quality in the form of significantly reduced yarn imperfections.

High efficiency and long service life

The special curved tooth shape of the card wire in combination with the specially treated surface ensures a self-cleaning effect, and thus guarantees high efficiency of the card. The special surface treatment prevents the card clothing from being filled with fibers or impurities. The doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF consists of high-strength carbon steel, so it is also suitable for the processing of matted, synthetic fibers that are very abrasive and can enormously reduce the service life of standard card clothing.

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