Magazine December 2015

Focus on the textile world: from ITMA review to innovation

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To achieve objectives such as identifying trends and developing specialized products for a variety of requirements, market and customer proximity are just as important to Groz-Beckert as transparent communication. At the ITMA 2015 in Milan (Italy), the company presented itself in its new corporate design with a "new look", and showed that in relevant details, improved products can achieve significantly better results. The contributions in this edition of our Magazine focus on current market trends, and on how Groz-Beckert is transforming these developments into key benefits for its customers.

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Just an image Hans-Jürgen Haug
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The product innovation litespeed® plus

Just an image Following Groz-Beckert's presentation of its new product litespeed® plus in November 2015 at the ITMA Milan, the company is already receiving the first reactions from the market. Issues such as energy cost reduction, significant temperature reduction and improving the CO2 balance will be discussed. But what exactly is behind the "plus"?
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System concept – cleaning

Just an image The matching accessories for every application in weaving – and, as a systems provider, the company has even more to offer. For example, innovative cleaning systems for healds, drop wires and reeds, whether it involves cleaning with the further developed Reed Cleaner directly at the weaving machine, or outside it in the weaving preparation sector. The power and flexibility as well as the quality awareness of modern weaving mills have increased considerably over the past years. Thorough and reliable cleaning is a key element in successful production, making it all the more important for weaving mills to have a competent partner for the entire weaving process at their side.
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Pre-needling – the right needle from the very start

Just an image Mechanical bonding by means of needles (needle punching) is only rarely done using a single needling unit; it is frequently necessary to arrange several machines in succession. Highly densified products such as synthetic leather or insulation felts, for instance, are produced using several needling machines. This is why, in the case of needled nonwovens, a differentiation is made between pre-needling, intermediate needling and finish needling, depending on their later application. Even the configuration of the machinery is decisive for the quality and appearance of the final product. Find out here what to bear in mind when pre-needling, and learn about the available options of needle selection.
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LoopControl® – new Cut Pile Looper for the perfect cut

Just an image For some time now, tufted carpets with silky smooth surface have been all the rage. During the tufting process itself, the soft fiber yarns used in them, with extremely fine individual filaments (low DPF – denier per filament), are placing new and higher demands on the cutting behavior of tufting tools. With conventional tools there is a danger that the loop is pushed from the cutting area by the blade, and that cutting does not take place in one operation. The result would be an uneven carpet surface. Groz-Beckert has developed a solution for the processing of soft fiber yarns: the new Cut Pile Looper with LoopControl®.
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High productivity and improved yarn quality

Just an image Synthetic fibers are a growth segment worldwide. Over the past 15 years, production of synthetic chemical fibers has more than doubled, from 28 million to 57 million tons. This has been accompanied by a trend toward ever finer fibers and microfibers. Groz-Beckert has picked up on this development with the high-performance doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF – card wire that meets the specific requirements of synthetic spinning.
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Special Application Needle SAN® 5.2

Just an image Groz-Beckert has redesigned the SAN® 5 needle and developed it into the sewing machine needle for technical textiles of the second generation.
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