Magazine December 2015

Focus on the textile world: from ITMA review to innovation

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The Special Application Needle SAN® 5.2

The second-generation sewing machine needle for technical textiles

The processing of technical textiles into a finished end product has been an important area of ​​application for the sewing industry for many years now. Here, the special materials and diverse material combinations present a major challenge for sewing machine needles. The Special Application Needle SAN® 5 by Groz-Beckert has already proven itself in these specialized applications. Since requirements placed on processing as well as on needles are steadily rising, Groz-Beckert has redesigned the SAN® 5 needle and developed it into the sewing machine needle for technical textiles of the second generation: the Special Application Needle SAN® 5.2.

Technical textiles – an overview

Technical textiles include all textile-based products produced primarily for their technical and functional properties, and mainly used for commercial or industrial products. Technical textiles thus include ropes, tarpaulins and textile products for functional and protective clothing. The broad field of technical textiles can be subdivided into the following twelve areas:

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  • Agrotech
  • Buildtech
  • Clothtech
  • Geotech
  • Hometech
  • Indutech

Just an imageUpholstered furniture

  • Medtech
  • Mobiltech
  • Oekotech
  • Packtech
  • Protech
  • Sporttech

The areas Mobiltech, Indutech and Sporttech are the three top-selling sub-areas in technical textiles worldwide. But taken as a whole, the technical textiles market is characterized by steady growth and, especially, a high pace of innovation – driven by the continuous conquest of new application areas and the development of new manufacturing processes.

All of this prompted Groz-Beckert to further develop the SAN® 5 Special Application Needle, used successfully for several years, in order to meet new challenges in the future.

The special features of the SAN 5.2

With the Special Application Needle SAN® 5.2 – the sewing machine needle for technical textiles in the second generation – Groz-Beckert has provided the answer to growing demand in the production of technical-textile products. The needle is even more stable, enables loop pick-up, and is ideally suited to multi-directional sewing operations:

  • Due to the newly-designed double coding in the point region, thread guidance has been improved during linear and multi-directional sewing processes. This leads to less thread displacement and thus to a more uniform seam appearance, especially during forward or reverse sewing as well as multidirectional sewing processes.
  • The scarf chamfer (lateral scarf chamfer) on the right side leads to safe loop pick-up by standard horizontal and vertical loopers.
  • The additional scarf chamfer (lateral scarf chamfer) on the left side leads to safe loop pick-up by oscillating loopers.
  • Thanks to the special blade reinforcement, needle stability is increased, making the needle ideal for linear as well as multi-directional sewing applications.
  • The larger eye allows the use of thicker sewing threads while retaining the same needle size.

The benefits of the SAN® 5.2 at a glance

Just an imageThread guidance with the SAN® 5.2

  • Increased needle stability by special blade reinforcement
  • High security against skipped stitches through optimized loop pick-up
  • High protection of the sewing material
  • Uniform seam pattern
  • Use of thicker sewing threads while retaining same needle size
  • High wear protection due to GEBEDUR® coating
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced production costs

With Groz-Beckert to success

Just like the technical textiles industry, Groz-Beckert is also on a constant course toward growth and innovation. Whether that involves improvement of its own production methods or development and improvement of products for the entire textile value chain, Groz-Beckert, with its extensive and technically sophisticated production program, always ensures you remain successfully ahead of the competition. To keep things running smoothly at all times in your production flow, contact the Groz-Beckert experts worldwide, anytime.