Magazine December 2015

Focus on the textile world: from ITMA review to innovation

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Systematic success – perfect preparation for the weaving accessories for modern weaving mills

Groz-Beckert first entered the market segment of weaving in the year 2000, and, with the acquisition of Grob Horgen, added weaving accessories to its product range. In the years that followed, the warp tying machine systems of Knotex and Fischer-Poege, the drawing-in system of EL&M, and the cleaning systems of Spaleck Textilmaschinen were all incorporated.

Groz-Beckert as a complete supplier in the cleaning machines sector

Modern drawing-in systems and weaving machines react sensitively to even the slightest contamination of weaving-machine accessories. The cleaning systems from Groz-Beckert ensure properly purified accessories and minimize the expense and effort required for this purpose.

All in one – the universal cleaning machine

Just an imageUniversal cleaning machine

The universal cleaning machine by Groz-Beckert is an all-rounder for mechanical, chemical cleaning.

It is the only fully-automatic cleaning system with integrated drying, and also has wet cleaning and surface treatment functionality. The range of application extends from the cleaning of reeds and healds to drop wires.

Just an imageCleaning principle

Just an imageCleaning of reeds

Just an imageCleaning of healds

Just an imageCleaning of drop wires

The universal cleaning machine gives you purified and rapidly reusable accessories, and the weaving process as a whole is also facilitated and improved:

  • Increased efficiency in weaving mills
  • Trouble-free drawing-in of warp thread
  • Longer service life of healds, drop wires and reeds
  • Increased loom productivity

High fabric quality:

  • Fewer warp thread breakages
  • Less thread damage

High economic efficiency during cleaning of weaving machine accessories:

  • Easy operation
  • Less manpower required
  • Short processing time
  • High degree of utilization

Less consumption, more power – the further developed ReedCleaner

Just an imageReedCleaner

The ReedCleaner by Groz-Beckert enables hydrodynamic cleaning by means of steam and cleaning additives. The steam nozzles can be optimally positioned for both flat and for airjet reeds – thereby ensuring a thorough cleaning of the entire reed.

Just an imageCleaning on the loom

The integrated cleaning concentrate in the ReedCleaner has been specially designed for steam cleaning. This ensures that even stubborn dirt can be removed by regular cleaning.

The advantages:

  • Reduced downtime due to effective cleaning
  • Low water consumption due to dry steam
  • Increase in fabric quality
  • Increased productivity during weaving

Just an imageClose-up of reed being cleaned

The ReedCleaner – predecessor model vs. further development

Comparison of the technical data:

 PredecessorFurther development
Length:1,245 mm825 mm
Width:480 mm500 mm
Height:1,110 m1,000 mm
Weight:106 kg35 kg
Steam generation:7.8 kg/h6 kg/h
Pressure:3 bar6-8 bar
Supply voltage:380 / 440V 50/60 Hz230V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:7.0 KW3.0 KW

The ReedCleaner has been part of the Groz-Beckert product range since 2011, and the successor of the cleaning system has been available since the start of this year. The new ReedCleaner is compact and lightweight with higher pressure, and cleans the reed even more effectively.

Simply thorough – the drop wire cleaner

Just an imageDrop wire cleaner

The Groz-Beckert drop wire cleaner cleans drop wires in vibrating working chambers. Due to the special mixture of granulate used, they are cleaned thoroughly and gently at the same time.

A practical addition in the field of weaving preparation:

  • The drop wire cleaner is a compact system that cleans drop wires of all kinds.
  • The cleaning of the drop wires takes place in vibrating chambers and with special granulates.
  • In addition to cleaning, an improvement in the surface is achieved.
  • Up to 6,000 drop wires are cleaned per hour, depending on the degree of contamination and fineness of the drop wires.

Innovative ideas and many years of experience provide the basis for maximum efficiency of the systems. Whether weaving machine builders, traditional weaving mills, or niche providers: With Groz-Beckert they minimize set-up times and downtimes and benefit from high performance, flexibility, and fabric quality.

Would you like to find out more about the Groz-Beckert product range for cleaning or for weaving? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to help!