Magazine December 2015

Focus on the textile world: from ITMA review to innovation

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LoopControl® – new Cut Pile Looper for the perfect cut

For some time now, tufted carpets with silky smooth surface have been all the rage. During the tufting process itself, the soft fiber yarns used in them, with extremely fine individual filaments (low DPF – denier per filament), are placing new and higher demands on the cutting behavior of tufting tools. With conventional tools there is a danger that the loop is pushed from the cutting area by the blade, and that cutting does not take place in one operation. The result would be an uneven carpet surface. Groz-Beckert has developed a solution for the processing of soft fiber yarns: the new Cut Pile Looper with LoopControl®.

Just an imageCut Pile Looper with LoopControl®

Due to the new, unique shape of the cutting edge of the looper, each loop is monitored, guided into the cutting area, and fixed there by LoopControl®. During the subsequent cutting process, LoopControl® enables a clean and complete cut for each loop in a single operation.

LoopControl® for high-quality carpet surfaces

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For the production of particularly high-quality carpet surfaces

This innovative solution is particularly suitable for the processing of soft fiber yarns and, of course, for all standard yarns as well. The LoopControl® version in conjunction with Groz-Beckert system components guarantees production of a uniform and high-quality carpet surface, as well as process reliability and long service life of the tufting tools.

The market rollout of the Cut Pile Looper LoopControl®

DOMOTEX 2016 is already looming large. The leading trade show for floor coverings will take place from January 16 to 19, 2016 in Hannover, Germany. The visitor figures, as well as the high-quality international public at the show, continue to offer a good basis for discussions with industry representatives. We want to use this platform to show you not only our "transparent model of a loom" but also our innovation LoopControl®.

We cordially invite you to visit us at the show – Hall 5, Stand D21 – and look forward to a discussion with you.