Magazine December 2015

Focus on the textile world: from ITMA review to innovation

Just an image

To achieve objectives such as identifying trends and developing specialized products for a variety of requirements, market and customer proximity are just as important to Groz-Beckert as transparent communication. At the ITMA 2015 in Milan (Italy), the company presented itself in its new corporate design with a "new look", and showed that in relevant details, improved products can achieve significantly better results. The contributions in this edition of our Magazine focus on current market trends, and on how Groz-Beckert is transforming these developments into key benefits for its customers.

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"More Groz-Beckert" – the new corporate design

While the current edition of the Magazine is already the third newsletter in the new corporate design, up until Day One of the ITMA 2015 everybody was excited to see what an impact the relaunch would have on the booth and the means of communication.

Whether at the booth on site or in communications in general – the reduced yet concise use of color, the conversion of the brochures and advertisements to landscape format, and the focus on the brand itself – the company's new look is highly distinctive and is "more Groz-Beckert". The landscape format enhances the impact of the Groz-Beckert textile worlds even more effectively, and, by the way, also corresponds to the increased use of the format by the latest generation of electronic reading devices.

High-quality products

The current edition of our Magazine provides fascinating insights into the latest trends in the textile industry, and shows how Groz-Beckert is adapting to them with new product features. It is also clear that even in individual stages, before or during the manufacturing process itself, specially adapted products can have a significantly positive impact on results.

Here, proven products are transferring several of their key features into their new generations. The innovative litespeed® plus for the large circular knitting sector, and the further developed Special Application Needle SAN® 5.2 for processing technical textiles are just two examples of how reliable products can be adapted to match new market demands.

The requirements of end users develop into market trends – and duly require specially adapted tools. Synthetic fibers – a growing segment worldwide – can be processed efficiently in spinning mills. And if Groz-Beckert high-performance doffer wires specifically designed for synthetic fibers are used, then even very fine or abrasive fibers are no problem. Especially uniform and soft carpeted surfaces are also increasingly in demand, but the soft fiber yarns used for this purpose can often result in difficulties during the cutting process. The new Cut Pile Looper with LoopControl® is a real help here.

In past editions of the Magazine we took a closer look at the range of weaving and weaving accessories. The article in this edition focuses on cleaning, and on the new version of the ReedCleaner – yet another aspect of Groz-Beckert's full-ranging expertise in the weaving sector.
We also take a closer look in this issue at the preneedling stage during the production of needled nonwovens, showing the impact of needle selection on the quality of the final product.

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