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On the road with Groz-Beckert Services in Europe

In the July issue we already reported on the crash service in the USA and its great importance for the product group Carding. In Europe Groz-Beckert customers also have high requirements for services and technicians. While the majority of service jobs in the USA are for short-term crashes, most service work in Europe is planned in advance. Perfect coordination with the customer as well as the fast execution of service work by Groz-Beckert technicians ensure that everything runs smoothly in case of a crash and during planned services, thus reducing the duration and associated costs. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority for our service.

In Europe, the majority of Groz-Beckert Carding customers are active in the nonwovens industry. Service jobs can usually be planned in advance, in contrast to the USA. This allows both Groz-Beckert service technicians and the customer to prepare for effective servicing in advance. In doing so, Groz-Beckert works very closely with its customers in order to keep the downtime of the customer's card to a minimum during every service job.

Groz-Beckert service technicians in Europe can be reached at any time, 365 days a year. This is the only way to meet our personal goal of being with the customer as quickly as possible, and not just for planned service jobs. In order to provide a replacement as quickly as possible in case of a crash, the necessary card clothing is available in our warehouse, or the customers can maintain their own stock for unforeseeable breakdowns. In addition, the specification sheet of the roller card, which Groz-Beckert creates individually for each customer, is the best way to prepare service technicians before a service job. Both the scope of service as well as the working schedule of the technicians are adjusted specifically to the customer's wishes.

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What sets the European Service apart

The comprehensive service portfolio in Europe includes everything from disassembling of the card for exposuring the rolls that need to be mounted, removing of old card clothing and mounting of new card clothing as well as re-assembling, adjusting roll settings, and commissioning of the roller card.

Here, rollers with a small diameter such as the workers and strippers, are re-clothed in a winding frame outside of the roller card. In contrast, rolls with a large diameter, such as the cylinder rollers, must be re-clothed in the roller card. Specially developed high-performance tools, such as the winding arm from Groz-Beckert, help our service technicians to mount metallic card clothing as well as fillets, even for special applications. The safety of service technicians as well as customer safety requirements, such as those for welding card clothing, are the first priority during all service work.

In addition, Groz-Beckert offers its customers the option of sending card rollers for re-clothing to the Groz-Beckert service workshop. Depending on the customer's requirements Groz-Beckert takes care of both the transport of rollers as well as the removal of old card clothing and mounting of new card clothing.

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Reliability thanks to sustainable training

European service technicians complete special training, from scratch, beginning with basic knowledge about the carding process and card clothing, to prepare for their future tasks. Our technicians gain practical experience at the service workshop by mounting both training rolls and customer rolls as well as supporting experienced service technicians during mobile service work. Throughout the training phase, great focus is placed on efficient and quality-conscious work, and the strict consideration of safety standards. With the help of this program, Groz-Beckert has established a young, dynamic, and experienced team that guarantees the rapid setup of customer cards, today and in the future.

Fast, efficient, and reliable – the Groz-Beckert service approach in Europe provides a comprehensive portfolio that is specially adapted to the customer's wishes.

Are you interested in our service portfolio or do you need more information on your service job? Contact us via e-mail or take a look at our homepage.

  • Did you know?

    In needle felt production, by re-clothing a roller card, 15 million square meters of carpeting can be produced which could cover over 2,000 football fields.