Magazine December 2018

The textile world at a glance: From innovation to individualization

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The textile world has always been in a state of constant change. However, the speed of the change has increased considerably in recent years. This isn't just reflected in the ever-changing trends and increasing number of collections in the fashion world. Other textile areas are also affected by this development. Digitalization is forcing them to compete for the attention of customers in a new way. The key question here is: What will the textile world look like in the future?

In the search for the answer to this question, many companies are rediscovering original values such as sustainable production and customizable products. Product recycling and social commitment also feature even higher on the list of priorities.

Find out how other companies are equipping themselves for the textile future and the tools Groz-Beckert can provide to help – now.

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

Puket – a second career for socks

Just an image It is often said that "charity begins at home". And this is also where the idea of Puket from Brazil starts. The company has developed its own concept that combines success with sustainable production and social commitment: the campaign "Meias do Bem", also known as the "Goodwill Socks Project".
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The Customer Portal Weaving – the digital world of weaving

Just an image Do you want to order your products online outside of the standard Groz-Beckert business hours? – That’s no problem at all with the Customer Portal Weaving. Instead of item lists, e-mails or telephone calls, you can find the product you are looking for with just a few clicks. This means that the required part can be on its way to its destination in less than no time. Discover the variety of features available in the customer portal and benefit from a wide range of advantages as a registered customer.
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Personalized customer labels for improved know-how protection

Just an image In addition to connectivity, mobility and ecology, individualization is another major trend of the 21st century and is found in many areas of life. The textile industry is no exception. Well-known companies like Adidas are already offering personalized shoes; giving every customer the opportunity to add a personal touch to their footwear. This development can also offer advantages for technical areas of the textile industry such as the nonwovens segment.

The Groz-Beckert Customer Product offers you the opportunity to customize the designation of the felting and structuring needles in your production according to your requirements.
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100% glass: impossible with tufting machines?

Just an image Today, tufted floor coverings are used exclusively as a traditional carpet floor covering, in the automotive sector and for artificial lawns. To date there were no real tufted structures found in the field of technical textiles. This could be set to change, as part of the project "Functional and highly thermally resistant tufted fabrics for use in the field of technical textiles (high-performance tufted structures) IGF 19050 N", the TFI Institute for Floor Systems at the RWTH Aachen e.V., succeeded together with Groz-Beckert and other partners to make tufted fabrics from 100% glass.
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Allow us to introduce: the European Services team of Groz-Beckert

Just an image In the July issue we already reported on the crash service in the USA and its great importance for the product group Carding. In Europe Groz-Beckert customers also have high requirements for services and technicians. While the majority of service jobs in the USA are for short-term crashes, most service work in Europe is planned in advance. Perfect coordination with the customer as well as the fast execution of service work by Groz-Beckert technicians ensure that everything runs smoothly in case of a crash and during planned services, thus reducing the duration and associated costs. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority for our service.
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Fast fashion and microfactories

Just an image Fast fashion and microfactories: Why digitalization is so indispensable in the clothing industry and how adidas is setting an example in the field
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