Magazine December 2018

The textile world at a glance: From innovation to individualization

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Personalized customer labels

For improved know-how protection and protection against mixing up needle types.

In addition to connectivity, mobility and ecology, individualization is another major trend of the 21st century and is found in many areas of life.

The Groz-Beckert Customer Product offers you the opportunity to customize the designation of the felting and structuring needles in your production according to your requirements.

  • From major trend to customer benefit

    The goal of our activity is to always be able to provide our customers and partners with optimal value. Since we are aware of the sensitivity of our own know-how, we fully understand that the know-how of our customers and partners is equally protected. We value the close relationships with our customers and are sensitive to their needs.

    We traditionally place great importance on the requirements expressed to us by customers. So we are delighted that we can now offer you an answer to the issue of improved know-how protection in relation to our needles on-site at the customer.

    Clearly-identifiable names of our products – e.g. “15x18x40x3 R222 G…” – make it relatively easy to draw conclusions regarding the product-needle combination. So if the needle packaging is open in production, anyone – including visitors to production – can see which needle is used to make the current product. Long developed process and product knowledge can thus be lost, along with the competitive edge over market competitors. The risk that the nonwoven product can be copied increases significantly.

    To ensure that this does not happen, we have developed a solution in line with the major trend towards “individualization”, which also offers optimal know-how protection.

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Presenting – The Groz-Beckert Customer Product

With the Customer Product, Groz-Beckert is offering the option of replacing the previous clearly-identifiable nomenclature that describes the needle, with a unique individual designation. This could be your company name, your internal number, a machine designation or information about the needle board layout.

We print your chosen designation directly on the label of the needle packaging – unique and secure. The packaging text is only limited by the label size to 22 characters. The only other thing visible on your individualized label is the packaging unit (e.g. 500 needles per box). The DataMatrix code merely references the Groz-Beckert homepage.

A second label on the other end of the needle packaging also shows the packaging unit and the batch number as an alphanumerical code to ensure that the needle box is assigned correctly in logistics. The corresponding DataMatrix code includes the batch number and the packaging unit.

If you want to periodically change your designation, this is also possible.

Using your Customer Product, the customized designation can be optimally adapted to your existing warehousing or needle board system or the production line the needle is used in. This also makes allocation easier.

Your additional added value

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The Customer Product not only offers a significant improvement in know-how protection, but also practically eliminates the risk of needles being mixed during installation. The designation can be selected so that a clear differentiation is apparent. This was not always the case in the past due to the complexity of the clearly-identifiable nomenclature.

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The difference between the previous needle designation and the Customer Product label is clear at first glance. Do the test yourself and try to remember both designations. Which of the designations do you find easier to remember?

Would you like to look into the Groz-Beckert Customer Product in more detail? Do you need support with optimizing the production of nonwovens or expanding your product portfolio? The Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to work with you to design your ideal production process.

If needle types are mixed up and placed in a needle board, this can have a major impact on the end product. In a worst-case scenario, this can lead to instant needle breakage due to the needles being overloaded. The result is machine downtime, additional set-up time for equipping the needle boards, and scrap material, leading to increased costs.

The increasingly stringent quality assurance requirements, especially in the automotive industry, are also taken into account. Consequently, the Customer Product also offers significant added value with regard to error prevention and product liability.

Overview of the Customer Product advantages:

  • Significantly improved know-how protection
  • Reduced risk of mixing up needle types
  • Optimal adaptation of the designation to customer systems (warehouse, merchandise management, needle rotation systems etc.)

  • Did you know?

    As a global company, Groz-Beckert can customize your needle designations worldwide. Our complete needle portfolio is already available for the Customer Product. Choose your own Customer Product now and significantly reduce the risk of mixing needle types in your company.