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What the extended accessories range holds for cards

In addition to selecting the correct card clothing, the settings of the rollers and the maintenance and cleaning of the card clothing are key for achieving an optimal carding result. This is why Groz-Beckert offers special service tools for cleaning, maintaining and setting card clothing. We recently optimized this portfolio for you and would like to present it to you now.

When mounting the card clothing and setting rollers of the revolving flat card or roller top card, as well as during daily operation, the roller distances must be set correctly and the card clothing must be checked and maintained regularly to enable optimal use of the card clothing. Groz-Beckert accessory program offers you a wide range of tools that helps to improve the machine uptime and the lifetime of your card clothing. Our wide range of accessories includes products for installing card clothing, setting the rollers and for cleaning, subsequent treatment and inspection of the card clothing during operation.

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Ceramic brake inserts for installing card clothing

Ceramic brake inserts are required for installing the card clothing by a defined tension on the roller. Groz-Beckert therefore offers different brake inserts for a wide range of mounting equipment.

During the mounting process, particular attention should be paid to wear and the heating up of the ceramic brake inserts, as both result in an uneven braking effect and pose a risk of rollers becoming constricted. The teeth distribution on the roller can also be affected, which impacts the homogeneous effect of the card clothing. In addition to this, damaged ceramic brake inserts can scratch the surface of the card clothing, which can cause fibers to accumulate in the card clothing. Groz-Beckert therefore recommends regular inspections and replacement of the ceramic brake inserts.

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Setting and flat gauges of stainless steel

Groz-Beckert offers a wide range of setting and flat gauges for setting roller and card clothing distances in the roller top card and revolving flat card. For optimal setting of rollers, the gauges should be clean and free from damage, as even a scratched surface can damage the fine card clothing teeth. Different gauges should be used for the front coarse area of the card and the finishing area. For extended service life of the setting gauges, Groz-Beckert offers gauges made from stainless steel.

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Cleaning the card clothing during operation

The majority of the damage and quality issues in the end product are due to inadequate cleaning of the card and the card clothing during operation. Fibers often accumulate quickly in the revolving flat card or roller top card and form clumps or tags. If the fiber accumulations start to break up, this can not only result in damage on the card clothing, but can also result in extended downtime for repairs. To avoid damage in the long-term, the system must be inspected regularly and fiber accumulations removed. To this end, Groz-Beckert offers cleaning tools such as the spin cleaner for easy removal of fibers, hand cards and brushes for cleaning the affected card clothing, as well as fiber hooks for removing trapped fibers in difficult to access areas.

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Accessories for special applications

For special applications, subsequent treatment of the card clothing is also required in addition to cleaning, to guarantee the machine lifetime and quality of the end product over the long-term. This treatment – deburring, polishing and resharpening – should only be carried out in exceptional cases and by experienced persons to avoid permanent damage to the card clothing.

Groz-Beckert recommends polishing to treat the surface of the card clothing, for example for removing rust after long periods of downtime. Mild damage to the card clothing following roller contact, and slightly bent teeth can sometimes be evened out by deburring. The card clothing can be sharpened to recondition blunt tips.

Checking the card clothing with a special microscope

In the roller top card or revolving flat card, the card clothing acts like a tool, which is subject to ongoing and subtle wear. This is why the majority of Groz-Beckert carding customers replace the card clothing after defined cycles or as soon as the quality of the end product no longer meets the specification. Groz-Beckert recommends inspection of the condition of the card clothing with a microscope at regular intervals to determine when the card clothing needs to be replaced, or for early detection of a reduction in quality to enable preventive measures to be taken.

The broad range of accessories has been developed and optimized in close cooperation with Groz-Beckert service technicians. This will help us to ensure that we can continue to support you with innovative solutions from practical experience and to guarantee optimal use of your card clothing over the long-term.

Are you interested in our accessories portfolio? Then visit us on the Groz-Beckert website or contact our specialists.

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