Magazine March 2019

The customer at the center of the textile world

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Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals of many companies. But this can only be achieved by covering the expectations of the customer and the services of providers. To create sustainable customer loyalty, a company has to meet customer expectations or, better yet, exceed them. Which is reason enough for Groz-Beckert to continue surveying, analyzing, and evaluating our customers’ expectations and needs. What sets us apart: As a partner in the textile world, we are not only interested in the needs of our customers, but also in the needs of their customers. This means that, with Groz-Beckert, you benefit from products and services that not only meet your expectations, but also excite your customers.

For purposes of determining customer satisfaction, we often conduct surveys that create a picture of the current situation. But we go one step further: Our approach to providing services is to serve your needs before you even know of them. This is achieved not only with analog, personal dialog, but also with digital contact means.

In this edition of the magazine, you will learn of the new products and services that Groz-Beckert offers in order to make you, as the customer, more satisfied.

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Just an image Hans-Jürgen Haug
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The analog world is not enough

Just an image You appreciate the contact with our employees? Personal consultations are without question our forte. But we strive for more: We also want to offer you a platform where you can organize your business the way you like.

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Knotting expertise made in Germany

Just an image In a world that is changing at an ever faster pace, it is important to have a strong and competent partner at your side. Groz-Beckert offers its customers in the field of woven fabric production a broad product range, wealth of know-how and services for cleaning, drawing in, tying and weaving.
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2 years of the staple fiber needle punch line (SVL)

Just an image The Groz-Beckert nonwovens line in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) at the headquarters in Albstadt is 2 year old. Find out what has happened to date and what is in store for the future.
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Just an image DOMOTEX, the most important trade fair worldwide for carpets and floor coverings, was held once again from 11 to 14 January 2019 as an international exhibition for the latest trends in the sector under the motto "create ‘n‘ connect". Groz-Beckert was once again represented as an exhibitor, with a team of experts on hand to welcome visitors.
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The Groz-Beckert accessories range

Just an image In addition to selecting the correct card clothing, the settings of the rollers and the maintenance and cleaning of the card clothing are key for achieving an optimal carding result. This is why Groz-Beckert offers special service tools for cleaning, maintaining and setting card clothing. We recently optimized this portfolio for you.
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Satisfied customers as the key to sucess

Just an image In line with the focus of Sewing5, we at Groz-Beckert always aim to put the needs of our customers first. In order to further optimize the products and range of services, the regular customer satisfaction survey was carried out in autumn 2018. The results form the basis for our future approach.
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