Magazine March 2019

The customer at the center of the textile world

The analog world is not enough

You appreciate the contact with our employees? Personal consultations are without question our forte. But we strive for more: We also want to offer you a platform where you can organize your business the way you like, where you can place orders independently from business hours and find all important information. This is where our Customer Portal comes in.

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Exceeding expectations

The Groz-Beckert Customer Portal with all its options is already available in many markets; and we are constantly expanding our offer. The launch of the Portal in China marks the addition of another important market.

The webshop is no doubt the heart of the Customer Portal. But it also provides other interesting functions such as the area where you can view your key figures and carry out analyses of your purchases. On top of that there is a wealth of additional information and services available, which we are constantly updating and expanding. Your feedback helps us to optimize our offer with each new generation of the Customer Portal. And the response shows: The concept is a success!

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Straight to the goal

Instead of a complicated search in the product jungle, we offer you a webshop that you can configure to your individual needs: By creating only the machines you use, you are shown only the products that match your demands. This includes not only an overview of the equipment you already bought, but also potential alternatives that may be even more suited to your specific application. To make the selection as easy as possible, the features of the different equipment options are explained in detail. The system also shows if there is a possibility to buy needles and the corresponding sinkers in a package at a reduced price. During the ordering process, the prices and availability are shown in real-time.

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What's behind it

You want more detailed information on individual items or would only like to see products with a specific characteristic? In the product catalog you can find our entire product range for all knitting segments. Details, such as images, dimensions and technical features are also available for each product. And you will receive detailed explanations of the relevant characteristics and the advantages they offer. And you can also filter all products specifically by the desired features.

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Your personal area

In the "My account" area, you can not only manage your personal data, but also have the option of analyzing order values and quantities and using this data to plan your purchases. You can display your personal key figures in clear graphics and compare values of two different years. Under "My Products", you can view your most frequently purchased products and order the desired item again in just a few clicks. Order templates are a useful aid for recurring orders: Once created, you can call them up as required and use them again – this saves even more time during the ordering process.

Online you always have access to your invoices as well as previous and current orders. And these are just a few of the advantages offered exclusively online. By the way, your Groz-Beckert contact person remains the same also online.

  • Did you know?

    The Customer Portal is not the only digital platform offered by Groz-Beckert to support you with your work. Are you already using the myGrozBeckert app with its wealth of useful tools? And are you familiar with the Media Center on our website with videos, animations and brochures on our products?