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Knotting expertise made in Germany

In the weaving textile chain, the tying process comes before the actual woven fabric production. Groz-Beckert supports you right from the start and offers high-performance tying machines and tying frames for this purpose. In addition to the standard machine KnotMaster AS/3, various special tying machines are also available for your special applications.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Modular system: user- and maintenance-friendly design
  • Efficiency: high tying speeds with up to 600 knots per minute
  • Space saving: compact dimensions and weight-optimised design
  • Handling: transparency and safety through KnotControl computer guidance
  • Functionality: thread clamps, automatic repeat and much more

KnotMaster – the functions

Single and double knots

Groz-Beckert tying machines are available with single and double knot function. A combination of both functions is also possible.

Knotting types

Through the integration of each of the four knot types in separate individual, removable tying units, the KnotMaster models with Quattro technology deliver extensive added value: This capability significantly increases the flexibility of a weaving operation that tie warps both with and without lease.

The four knot types at a glance:

  • Knotting existing warps and new warps without lease
  • Knotting existing warps without lease and new warps with lease
  • Knotting existing warps with lease and new warps without lease
  • Knotting existing warps and new warps with lease

The replaceable tying unit of the special tying machines for special applications means that they can be adapted to suit any requirement in no time.

Double thread detection

For warps with a lease, a lease error check is carried out. If a double thread is detected, the machine stops immediately and shows the warp sheet location of the error. The correct function of this double thread detection is also insured in the case of elastic yarns. For sized warps without lease, the standard machine AS/3 can be expanded with an electronic double thread detection.

Thread breakage monitoring

If the knot formation is not carried out correctly, this is detected by the thread breakage monitoring and the machine is switched off. This is the only way that a correctly tied warp can be guaranteed, and the process reliability is also increased.

Thread clamp

The KnotMaster tying machines have a thread clamp with separate clamping. This means that yarns of different thicknesses can be processed without problems in the woven and new chain. Differences in the yarn thickness are balanced out automatically thanks to the separate clamping.

Just an imageModular design of the tying machine

User- and maintenance-friendly design

The operation of the Groz-Beckert KnotMaster model is intuitive and easy to learn. Every component of the machine – whether for checking or replacing – can also be accessed quickly and easily. The KnotMaster system thus guarantees an all-round simplified and optimized tying process in weaving operations.

Would you like more information on the KnotMaster models and to optimize your weaving process? Our experts will be happy to help - individually and with no obligation. You can also find the KnotMaster system in the media center on our website.

  • Did you know?

    The KnotMaster models can tie over a billion thread pairs over their lifetime.