Magazine March 2019

The customer at the center of the textile world

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals of many companies. But this can only be achieved by covering the expectations of the customer and the services of providers. To create sustainable customer loyalty, a company has to meet customer expectations or, better yet, exceed them. Which is reason enough for Groz-Beckert to continue surveying, analyzing, and evaluating our customers’ expectations and needs. What sets us apart: As a partner in the textile world, we are not only interested in the needs of our customers, but also in the needs of their customers. This means that, with Groz-Beckert, you benefit from products and services that not only meet your expectations, but also excite your customers.

For purposes of determining customer satisfaction, we often conduct surveys that create a picture of the current situation. But we go one step further: Our approach to providing services is to serve your needs before you even know of them. This is achieved not only with analog, personal dialog, but also with digital contact means.

In this edition of the magazine, you will learn of the new products and services that Groz-Beckert offers in order to make you, as the customer, more satisfied.

Knitting: The Knitting customer portal

Today, Groz-Beckert customers are not only served with analog means, they also receive digital support throughout the entire buying and decision-making process. The Customer Portal is now online in China in order to provide even better service to the knitting and weaving industry. We have summarized the many functions and benefits of the Portal in the Knitting article of this magazine. The ability to set up the web shop as you wish helps you to find what you need even faster and better.

Weaving: Strong ties – strong partner

As a strong partner, Groz-Beckert provides you with guidance from the very beginning of weaving preparation, because the woven fabric production process starts even before weaving, with knotting, among other things. In the Weaving article of this magazine, you will learn more about the various models of the Groz-Beckert KnotMaster. This machine provides many benefits within the knotting process – primarily with regard to handling and efficiency, but we also provide you with helpful tips and information on optimizing your knotting process. This combination provides you with the decisive weaving competitive advantage.

Felting: Two years of the staple fiber needle punch line

The staple fiber needle punch line (SVL) from the Technology Center is two years old: Right in time for its birthday, the Felting article of this magazine gives you a look back as well as a look forward, because, in addition to order development, your own projects are also possible here. To do so, a select team of experts stands ready to provide you with comprehensive support. Technical updates, like a pre-installed camera measurement system, or a new winder will be available to you in the near future.

Tufting: Create ’n connect

Visitors to the DOMOTEX in Hannover were given a live glimpse into the online tufting catalog in January of 2019. Focused on your needs in the best possible manner, this catalog boasts an optimized design and user-friendliness. A digital product like this is also a novelty at the world's most important trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. Find out more in the Tufting article of this magazine.

Carding: The accessory range from Groz-Beckert

Machine availability and extending the service life of your fittings are decisive reasons for the broad range of the Groz-Beckert portfolio. The range of accessories was recently further optimized in order to fully meet all needs. This range covers diverse applications, from winding to inspecting fittings. In the Carding article of this magazine, you will also learn how to prevent the risk of roller constriction using the correct brake shoes.

Sewing: Satisfied customers as the key to success

At Groz-Beckert, customer satisfaction is of the greatest importance. Accordingly, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. These help us to understand the current situation and the needs of our customers. It was time for such in the fall of 2018. We received responses from 60 countries as part of our international surveys. The Sewing article of this magazine explains in detail which points were covered and gives the corresponding results. And if you would like to give us feedback, you will find the questionnaire to fill out in this article.