Magazine March 2019

The customer at the center of the textile world

Satisfied customers as the key to success

In line with the focus of Sewing5, we at Groz-Beckert always aim to put the needs of our customers first. In order to further optimize the products and range of services, the regular customer satisfaction survey was carried out in autumn 2018. The results form the basis for our future approach.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the survey and gave us their feedback to help us improve. You have helped us to focus our approach closer on your needs as a customer in terms of quality and service. We are therefore delighted to present the results of this survey below.

Carrying out the survey

In the second half of 2018, we asked our customers to evaluate the Groz-Beckert products and services. The survey was carried out among end users, dealers and machine builders all over the world. With feedback from 60 different countries, we built up a representative view, which takes into account the regional and customer-specific requirements.

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Positive results across the board

The feedback from our customers was largely positive, showing a high level of satisfaction among Groz-Beckert customers. This is encouraging and shows that we are on the right path. The results showed strengths and opportunities for improvement, which are both an affirmation of our existing approach and an incentive to do even better.

The results in detail

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In the survey, we asked our customers to evaluate the following points:

  • Availability of the needles on-site
  • Adherence to delivery agreements
  • Quality of the technical application advice
  • Support with sewing problems
  • Performance of the sales service
  • Product range
  • Value for money

With a very good overall evaluation, sales service came away with the top rating. The thanks for this outstanding result goes to our highly trained sales staff, who address the needs of the customers optimally.

Just an imageExcellent service and optimal support – this is what Groz-Beckert stands for

The application advice, support with sewing problems and sewing performance of the Groz-Beckert products also achieved very good evaluations. This shows that our customers not only value our strong focus on quality, but also our comprehensive technical support before, during and after the production process.

Just an imageUniqueness in the market: The Groz-Beckert logistic chain

Our customers are also completely satisfied with the availability of the needles on-site and adherence to delivery agreements. This is ensured by Groz-Beckert's logistics chain, which always provides the right needles in the right quantity at the right time and in the right place with above-average warehouse ranges and a worldwide distribution network.

Our customers are also largely satisfied with the production program for sewing machine needles. But we received a few suggestions for new types to add to our production program. We will now check whether these types meet the requirements to be added to the product range or whether we can offer suitable alternatives.

The "value for money" point received a good average score, showing that our customers are not completely satisfied here. We are aware of this situation and are constantly working to offer an even better price-performance ratio. We are focusing on ensuring a high product quality and providing various services.

Unconditional recommendation

As part of the survey, we also wanted to know whether our customers would recommend us. And we are delighted with the response: 85% of our customers would recommend us, as they are impressed with the quality of our products and services overall.

Customer quotes

In addition to the pure evaluation of the individual categories, we place great importance on the individual feedback from our customers in the form of comments. This provides us with an insight into the topics that are important to our customers. We are delighted with positive comments, such as "quick response to inquiries" or "Groz-Beckert is always on hand with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the event of technical problems", as well as criticism such as "the packaging unit is too high" or "the high prices of Groz-Beckert products reduce our sales".

We place great importance on this individual feedback; which is why every comment was assessed and discussed with the sales team. Where necessary, discussions are held with the responsible local sales organization. In this way, suggestions for improvement, as well as criticism, are included in future decisions.

With Groz-Beckert through 2019

In the knowledge that we are a high-quality and reliable partner for our customers, we have a lot planned for 2019: We have three important trade fairs for Groz-Beckert coming up in the next three months, with Techtextil and Texprocess in Frankfurt (14 to 17 May 2019), ITMA in Barcelona (20 to 26 June 2019) and CISMA in Shanghai (23 to 26 September 2019).

We are also working to improve the quality of our sewing machine needles even further with innovative technologies and are expanding our range of services – particularly in the digital field. The INH Quality Management is also being developed and optimized further to help our customers achieve an even more efficient and safer sewing process.

  • Did you know?

    It takes more than 20 steps to manufacture a sewing machine needle. This requires high-precision machines and tools, which are all developed and produced by Groz-Beckert itself. Despite a high degree of automation in the production process, over 500 qualified workers ensure that several million sewing machine needles are produced every day. In conjunction with a permanent and careful quality control process, the high quality and functional reliability of Groz-Beckert products is guaranteed.