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SiroLock® plus

– First special geometry card clothing of the Groz-Beckert InLine series

SiroLock® worker and doffer wires improve productivity significantly for many Groz-Beckert customers. In order to achieve a more homogeneous web quality at high throughputs and also to ensure a longer lifetime of the card clothing, SiroLock® plus was developed. The extensive experience collected over the last years was the basis of the development process.

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What the SiroLock® plus card clothing offers

The optimized special tooth geometry, in conjunction with the advantages of the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series, offers improved carding action and more uniform web qualities – even at high throughputs. All Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing are characterized by a completely scale-free surface, higher resistance of the sophisticated tooth tips, as well as a reduced rib height of 1.3 mm for interlocked card clothing. Our new and patented production process makes production even more environmentally friendly and resource-saving, completely in line with the Groz-Beckert corporate principles.

The improved tooth geometry, which is based on the previous SiroLock® card clothing, enables more controlled fiber take-up, -control and -release – even at high throughputs. SiroLock® plus demonstrates its potential particularly when processing fine viscose fibers: Next to reduced fiber fly, a more homogeneous web quality is achieved with SiroLock® plus.

Our previous SiroLock® card clothing will remain part of the product range. However, the new production process has enabled the SiroLock® plus portfolio to be significantly expanded compared to SiroLock® and now includes card clothing for processing even the finest fibers and light web weights.

Areas of application of SiroLock® plus

The new worker and doffer wire is used for a wide range of applications – depending on the end product to be produced. The product range spans from filter media, hygiene and automotive products, through to geotextiles and floor coverings.

In order to provide more information on card clothing at a glance, we have also adapted the designation of the Groz-Beckert SiroLock® plus card clothing as follows:

Groz-Beckert InLine SiroLock® plus

P080/230/40H40 SL+ Plattinium

In contrast to the previous designations for Groz-Beckert metallic card clothing, the total height of the card clothing can now be seen directly in the designation.

Brief summary

The application-optimized portfolio of the SiroLock® plus worker and doffer wire range impresses with the optimal geometry of the card clothing with fiber-protecting finish quality and a longer lifetime.

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  • Did you know?

    The first SiroLock® card clothing was developed for processing wool in long staple fiber spinning in order to protect the long fibers from damage. The Groz-Beckert InLine SiroLock® plus, on the other hand, was specially developed for the requirements of the nonwovens industry and reflects the high performance requirements and the trend towards finer fibers.