Magazine September 2011

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In close touch with the markets

Every four years - ever since it was held for the first time in 1951 - the ITMA has been the focal point of the entire textile industry. Machine builders and suppliers from all corners of the globe come to the fair to present innovative solutions for their target groups. The ITMA always places different key sectors and topics in the spotlight, all of which derive their dynamic strength from trends in the global textile market. A good example here are applications based around the processing of technical textiles and nonwovens. In 2011 the ITMA Forum will be focusing once again on these strongly-growing sectors and presenting the latest trends and developments. The fair's slogan this time is: "Master the Art of Innovation".

ITMA and TEZ – Innovation in common

For Groz-Beckert, innovation is a natural obligation - whether with its own product and process developments or in its solution of user problems. In this regard, the company outlined its new Technology and Development Centre (TEZ) at the ITMA 2007 in Munich. Today the TEZ is a reality, and the innovative heart of the entire company.

In the TEZ, specific development projects are being realised - with the aim of creating market-ready innovations. These are based initially on the market, partners and customers, but also on internal surveys. Development, laboratory services and production technologies are all combined under one roof.

We invite you to shape the textile future together with Groz-Beckert in the TEZ. Groz-Beckert supports you with experts, ideas, tools, components and services. Training courses are also offered for all the relevant processes. Join us in helping to make the production of textile surfaces more efficient and opening up new fields of application for textiles!

Groz-Beckert looks forward to a dialogue with you.