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In a few days' time, the 16th ITMA in Barcelona will be opening its doors. More than 1,350 exhibitors from 41 countries will be presenting innovations along the entire textile value-added chain. Groz-Beckert looks forward to seeing you from September 22 to 29, 2011 in Hall 3, at Stand A204! Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

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Member of the Executive Board

ITMA – An institution celebrates its 60th anniversary

Just an image ITMA –
An institution celebrates its 60th anniversary

2011 is a jubilee year for the ITMA. Reason enough for Groz-Beckert to honour the impressive history of this trade fair with a special edition of the Online Newsletter. Gain background information, and find out all about what's on offer from the Technology and Development Centre (TEZ).

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Groz-Beckert Academy – The big new training programme

Just an image At the ITMA 2011, under the title Academy, Groz-Beckert is offering a comprehensive training programme. This entirely new offer is distinctive for its hands-on practicality, experienced trainers, and the fact that it covers the complete spectrum offered by the Technology and Development Centre (TEZ). Make sure you don't miss this opportunity - and gain a few initial impressions right here.
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The TEZ as host for Carbon Composites e.V.

The Technology and Development Centre (TEZ) is also a platform for targeted know-how transfer and exchanges of ideas on the most diverse topics and aspects of the textile value-added chain. The firm of Carbon Composite e.V. made use of the TEZ in April and May for two prestigious events. Read more about it here!
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From world gauge fineness record to innovative cylinder changes

Just an image At the ITMA in Barcelona, Groz-Beckert is opening the gateway to new dimensions!
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ITMA highlights

Just an image In the weaving preparation sector, Groz-Beckert produces tying machines and also a fully-automatic drawing-in machine. Trade fair visitors will also see several interesting new and further developed weaving accessories.
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The Innovations Initiative Nonwovens from Groz-Beckert

Just an image Under the title "Innovation Initiative Nonwovens" Groz-Beckert is mastering the challenges of a dynamic market, and consistently developing numerous conventional felting needles. The main focus here is on innovation - and the first solutions are due to be presented at the ITMA in Barcelona.
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From the universal felting needle to optimal processing safety

Just an image A felting needle for extreme requirements and a newly-developed needle package are just two examples of the new products that Groz-Beckert will be presenting at the ITMA Barcelona in the nonwovens sector. Find out all about the ideas and innovations - and how you can benefit from them!

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Expansion of the Online Catalogue Tufting

Just an image Videos on all tufting methods, an increased level of detail, improved search functions: ever since the Online Catalogue Tufting was presented in the first edition of the Online Newsletter 2010, the medium has been expanded and optimised. Get a brief overview here of the new functions that will be presented to you in detail at the ITMA in Barcelona.
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Innovative technology for the perfect loop

Just an image Ever since the introduction of LPC geometry in the 02/2010 edition of the Online Newsletter, the LPC range has been extended to include the chain stitch sector.
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