Magazine September 2011

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EcoStar – New felting needle for extreme requirements

The new felting needle EcoStar is the result of a continuous, customer-focused further development - and is thus the first concrete result of the Innovation Initiative Nonwovens. Permanent changes in users' production processes are presenting standard felting needles with constantly new requirements. With the EcoStar, a needle has been developed that can be used universally for all applications. The fiber transport takes place at the same efficiency with lower penetration force. This is gentler on the machine during the needling process, and noise is reduced. Users benefit from a longer service life and lower energy consumption in comparison with conventional needles.

The EcoStar is planned for all the usual gauges as well as chrome and GEBEDUR I coating. Together with selected development partners, tests are currently being carried out to confirm the findings gained and also to obtain new ones.

For even more comfort – The new, patented needle package

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At the ITMA Barcelona, Groz-Beckert will also be presenting a new concept for its needle package for felting needles. The change is already visible on the outside. At first glance, the new design reveals its Groz-Beckert identity.

The new needle package has a profile in the lower part of the box. This prevents the points and cranks of the needles from colliding and getting damaged. Handling is also simpler and faster! The needles are separated from each other in groups of 250 - ideal for removal. The new needle package is perfect for needling of the NeedleMaster. It can be placed on it ideally, enabling faster magazining. Needling time is reduced. Furthermore, the needles remain separated during storage of open boxes, and mixing is prevented.

Board Master System – Efficient needling of needleboards

It was at the ITMA 2007 in Munich that the prototypes of the Groz-Beckert Board Master System were first presented. The innovative concept for effective and economically efficient needleboard needling met with highly positive feedback, and this encouraged Groz-Beckert to development it further. The tried-and-tested models are now available in time for the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona.

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NeedleMaster - compact and gentle

The new NeedleMaster is smaller, more compact, faster and simpler to operate, and at the same time offers maximum performance at the highest level of safety and ergonomics. Quality and process repeatability fulfil the requirements of high-precision needles and boards. Furthermore, needling with the NeedleMaster takes place extremely gently. The diversity of boards that can be processed is almost unlimited.

BoardScoot - Facilitates transport

The new BoardScoot is also smaller and more compact, making it more agile and easier to move. Here, too, safety and ergonomics take centre stage. In combination with the NeedleMaster, an effective system is provided for needleboard handling in the nonwoven industry.

Hourly demonstrations at the ITMA

Live demonstrations during the ITMA, every hour from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, will be displaying the numerous benefits of the NeedleMaster. In around 15 minutes, interested visitors will gain an initial impression of this innovative, optimised machine.

The outstanding quality and the benefits of the NeedleMaster are currently being proven in endurance tests, carried out together with selected development partners. The market-test phase includes intensive support. To guarantee this special service, only customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are currently able to test the NeedleMaster. Groz-Beckert thanks you for your understanding!

WindingMaster – Safe mounting of metallic card clothing

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Mastering the process of mounting card clothing is necessary for the function of the carding roller, and it plays a decisive role in nonwovens production. Errors during mounting are detrimental to nonwovens production and often lead to defects in the web and in the end-product.

As a partner of the nonwovens industry and a systems supplier in the textile value chain, Groz-Beckert has investigated this topic thoroughly and will be presenting the result at the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. The WindingMaster, a study for further development of the card clothing mounting process, sets new standards in terms of quality, economic efficiency, repeatability and process reliability.

Discover more about the process reliability of mounting card clothing, and discuss process control in nonwovens production together with our experts.