Magazine September 2011

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From world gauge fineness record to innovative cylinder

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At the ITMA in 2007 Munich, Groz-Beckert presented solutions for the production of fabrics with gauge E66. Now, at the ITMA in Barcelona, we have a world record - with even more extremely ultrafine gauges. A new knitting technology with the world's finest knitting cylinder and the finest of precision components guarantees the uniqueness of an ultrafine knitted fabric in gauge E90.

Vo-LC™, the new needle generation

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In the large circular knitting sector, Groz-Beckert will be presenting a further highlight at the ITMA in Barcelona: the Vo-LC™ needle. The new needle generation is available for body seamless machines and large circular knitting machines. The Vo-LC™ needle combines long years of know-how with numerous patented details. There are good reasons for the label "Perfection in Precision".

CylinderMaster – innovative cylinder changes

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The Groz-Beckert CylinderMaster represents simple, reliable, rapid and safe cylinder changes on large diameter circular knitting machines with diameters from 26" up. The machine is an entirely new development. The CylinderMaster considerably simplifies manual removal and insertion of cylinders on large diameter circular knitting machines. The risk of employee injury or of improper handling resulting in damage to the cylinder is almost completely ruled out.

The European patent for the CylinderMaster has been applied for under number 10 192 591.5.

High performance in nonstop operation

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Due to a needle modification, large diameter circular knitting machines can now produce at even higher speed. Specifically, Groz-Beckert has made changes to the cheek geometry. At the same time, the service life of the needles has been extended.

See for yourself during a live demonstration at the ITMA in Barcelona!

The needle modification has already been patented in the USA (Patent No. 7,469,562 B2), Japan (4 547 414 B2) and South Korea (10-937598). For Europe (1 921 189 A1) and China (101177838 A), patents have been applied for.

litespeed® oil consulting

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Experience creates the basis for new impulses: Groz-Beckert's unique, manufacturer-neutral oil database offers comprehensive information on everything to do with needle and sinker oils, from oil analysis to oil consulting and lubricant training. Precise oil analyses can be implemented very simply with the needle-oil test kit. On this basis you are given specific recommendations on further application or on needle oil changes, thereby optimising your needle handling overall.

See you soon in Barcelona

Details about the topics mentioned and further ITMA highlights from Groz-Beckert can be experienced directly in Barcelona. Groz-Beckert looks forward to seeing you at the fair! If you have any queries or suggestions at this point, please feel free to contact the experts from the knitting division.