Magazine September 2011

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From tying machines to high-performance heald frames –
Groz-Beckert web technology at the ITMA in Barcelona

KnotMaster – Experience efficiency live

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How can ultra-fine cotton chains be tyed together efficiently? Groz-Beckert demonstrates this at the ITMA in Barcelona with the aid of a fast and universal KnotMaster tying machine, model AS/3. With its standard units for short knot-ends and for thread breakage control the machine also fulfils all requirements where other applications are concerned. The model XS/3 quattro, perfect for fashion weavers, will be demonstrated using the advanced computer control KC/3. The control not only facilitates operation but also reduces the risk of errors.

WarpMaster – Even more comfort during fully-automatic drawing-in

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The fully automatic drawing-in machine WarpMaster features a new computer generation with a larger touchscreen, which enables simpler and faster operation. The new operating unit also has a remote support capability. Telemaintenance can thus be carried out via modem - for customer service in real time.

Warp stop motion 5800 – The sturdy, lightweight successor model

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With the robust quality of the proven KFW 5600, the KFW 5800 is the successor of the eight-row KFW 1200. With reinforced thread carriers and reduced weight, it caters to the steadily increasing requirements of modern weaving machines and guarantees interruption-free warp stop motion monitoring.

High-performance heald frame ALtop® – Now also with 140mm aluminium profile

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The diverse Groz-Beckert heald frame assortment has been enhanced by the ALtop® heald frame with a 140mm aluminium profile. Its sturdy, high-performance corner connection using steel supports requires no plastic components and thus reduces wear. The patented technology of the ALtop® 140 is also offered with a newly-designed intermediate strut. This is clamped from steel to steel, and no longer to the aluminium profile. The result is far longer service life for the heald frame.

See you soon in Barcelona

Groz-Beckert looks forward to discussing topics for the future of weaving together with you at the ITMA in Barcelona. If you have any queries or suggestions at this point, please feel free to contact the experts from Groz-Beckert.