Magazine December 2011

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Following the last edition of our Online Newsletter as an "ITMA Special", we would now like to present you with another special edition. With "Textiles in the Automobile" we hope to provide you with useful and interesting facts about the relevant trends, technologies and innovations in this sector. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

At the ITMA in Barcelona in September, many of us experienced the ideas and trends that are keeping the textile industry on its feet. At this juncture I should like to thank our numerous visitors for coming and for all the interesting discussions we had.

As was made clear not only by the trade fair, opening up new areas of application for textiles continues to be important in terms of enabling growth along the entire textile value-added chain. Medical technology textiles, geotextiles and construction textiles all play a role here, as do textile solutions for mobility.

This Online Newsletter provides you with an overview of the full diversity of possibilities and potential applications. On the one hand, the classic applications in interior panelling and car seats have room for further development: this year, for instance, together with the Eissmann Automotive Group, Groz-Beckert has developed the special SAN®12 sewing needle, which allows entirely new seam designs. You can find out more about it in the article "Special Application Needles - Automotive".

The testimonial opposite by Mr. Martin Wunsch, Works Director at the Eissmann Automotive Group, provides initial insights into their joint venture with Groz-Beckert as well as exemplary arguments in favour of the Technology and Development Centre (TEZ).

In the car of the future, textiles will have all kinds of different applications! Find out for yourself in this Newsletter, and benefit from our input in the fields of Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting and Sewing.